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Look for your name or your colleagues names - if they are missing then please let us know and we'll include them ! Also what are you doing now and what town you're living in. (Edinburgh offices were closed on Friday 18th February 2011 after over 15 years of service)

Many thanks your help will be much appreciated service)

Alan Pairman ... Working for O.D. as a Transport Team leader (September 2010)
Alan Wilson ... Alan was a driver at Tannochside - We hear that Alan sadly passed away about 3 years ago (September 2010)
Annette Wood ...
Archie Travers ... Night shift team leader at O.D. (September 2010)

Billy Finnie ... Billy is still living in the Glasgow area with his wife and children (just had a 'wee' boy called Oliver !) Has now left Office Depot (June 2009) and is working for himself - May 2009 Billy is celebrating the 'Gers' winning the Scottish Championship.
Brian Kiernan ... Working for O.D. as Night Shift Manager (September 2010)
Brian Kiernan (Senior) ... Working for O.D. as a Night Shift loader (September 2010)
Colin Gray ... Still working for O.D. as a driver. (September 2010)

Dave Marshall ... Dave now has his own business as carpet fitter.

Eileen McMillan ...

Fiona Harvie ...

Gary Clark ...
Gary Craig ... Message received from Gary - see also 'Guest Book' - "May I start with thanking you for such a great site it has given me pleasure by seeing people names that I once worked with and how they are doing now.  I worked for Guilbert UK at Tannochside Park, Uddingston and remained in the business until May 19th 2006 (Office Depot at that time).  I started off as a driver for Ofrex in 1993 and during my time under the Guilbert flagship I became a supervisor then a manager.  The Guilbert years helped me become the manager I am today, it is just a pity we all could not still be together but things move on.  I had opportunity to visit a lot of the sites across the UK and Ireland and meet a lot of good people and I will remember these times forever" 

Gerry Black ...

Gordon Ferguson ... Still working for Office Depot (September 2010)

Ian Martin ...

Isobel Bain ...

John McNealis ... Still working for O.D. (September 2010)

Kathy Brown ...

Lianne Logan ... Still working for Office Depot

Linda Rennie ... Message received from Linda - "Your site is fab!!!! I had a laugh checking out some of the pics.  Well, I'm still here at Office Depot, have been for the past 19 years, Started when I was 5 of course. I am sure I have lots of pics to send to you also, I'll get these looked out asap." (Thanks Linda)

Lisa Tait ... Message received direct from Lisa - "What a fantastic idea and a great way to keep in touch.  I hope you are well.  After looking at all the photos it just seemed like yesterday - perhaps this nostalgia is part of the ageing process!!!!   Myself, Veronica (Vicky Stewart), Sharon Byrne and Lianne Logan are all still at Office Depot in Edinburgh customer service."

Louise O'Brian ...

Lynn Daling ...

Lynn Gibb ... Received a message from Lynn - "What a fabulous ‘site’ to create – sadly I remember all the photos & the people in them & would love to send you a few 100, of the ones I have at various working events over the 19 years (yes 19 years, I know I don’t look old enough)……Still here (at Office Depot) – although relocated to Ireland which I am sure you know already.20 years (same day as my old mucker Linda Rennie) on 13th March 2009, sad I know. Fab site, keep up the good work & I will send you pictures to make you laugh & cry, soon."

Margaret Sexton ...

Mario Piacentini ... Still working for Office Depot (September 2010)
Mark Moyes ... Transport Team leader at O.D. (September 2010)

Martin Kiernan ... Working for O.D. as regional operations manager (September 2010)

Mary Rettie ...

Michele Doyle ... Message from Michele - "Excellent site, bring back all the old memories. I'd forgotten all about this site, excellent. I now have my own wee company Scottish Office Supplies, started May 2013 and loving it, still miss the good guys for Gilbert though x " (December 2013)

Neil Hood ... Neil spent awhile at Andover working whilst it was Guilbert
Paul Bissland ...

Paul Forsyth ...

Russell Easton ... Still working for Office Depot (September 2010)
Sandie Wood (nee Stalker) ... Message from Sandie - "My Name is Sandie and I worked for Cartwright Brice in Edinburgh. I was the first employee in Scotland when they first won the Royal Bank of Scotland Contract. Glen Pickering set up the office and I had many visits to London and Erith where I have fond memories of many people. I left in 1997 and now work as a sales exec for a water co. I have 2 children 16 and 12 and am living in Bonnyrigg just outside Edinburgh. My close friend in Erith was Linda Scott , also Tracey Mott and Tina Whipps, and Andy Milbank. Sadly I just heard that Linda passed away last year and I will miss her hogmany phone calls that she has made every year for 20 years, where she used to fill me in on all the goings on in Erith". (April 2012)
Sarah Cullen ... Working for O.D. as Transport Team leader. (September 2010)
Selwyn Howe ... Forklift truck & manual handling trainer at O.D. (September 2010)

Sharon Byrne ... Still working for Office Depot

Stan Robertson ...
Steve Dalziel ...  Working as a driver for O.D. (September 2010)

Susan Ferguson ... Still working for Office Depot (September 2010)

Teresa Lizzeri ... 
Thomas Bissland ... Working for O.D. as a Night Shift loader (September 2010)
Thomas Fagan ... Working for O.D. as a driver (September 2010)
Thomas Finigan ... Thomas was a driver at Tannochside but sadly we hear Thomas passed away only last week (September 2010)

Veronica Stewart ... Still working for Office Depot
William Dunlop ... Working as a driver for O.D. (September 2010)
William Gibb ... Now depot manager at O.D. (September 2010)

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