GD5 Northampton/Hemel Hempstead (DC & tn_70377949[1]Offices)

Look for your name or your colleagues names - if they are missing then please let us know and we'll include them ! Also what are you doing now and what town you're living in.

Many thanks your help will be much appreciated 

We hear that the Northampton Warehouse & Offices are to close (August 2014)

Adam Holkham ... Was originally at Erith but re-located to Northampton.

Alex Banner Came to Northampton from Droitwich left go into IT somewhere in Northampton ?? Additional info' on Alex from Mandy Donneky - "Alex Banner is still working in IT btw, and has moved to Wellingbourg last I heard, planning to get married to Sarah next year...them 2 have been together for ever!!!"

Andrew Rana Working for first2office (Part of Banner) - message from Andrew - "Got passed on the website so I thought I'd let you know what the "Secret Squirrels" (as we were known in Ofrex Leicester & Guilbert Northampton) are up to:  We all worked there between 1992 - 2002 - Ofrex / Guilbert days were always a laugh especially the conferences...... ahem!!  If you want to see a bit of living history - visit the car park in Stratstone Saab Northampton and there is an Ofrex lorry trailer rusting away (I know, it's my customer's car park!!)"  Many thanks Andrew ..... ! !

Andy le Butt (see also Leeds) ... Working for Corporate Express

Anne Hartfield (was Pinder) - Married Rob, has 2 children and is doing lots of stuff!!

Bobby Jelley Working for Oyez-Straker

Brian Cove Working for Banner

Carol Brown ... Living in the Reading area with her family and running her own business (2010)
Chrissie Jones ...

Dave Lee ... Dave is now working for Oyez-Straker

Dave Locke ...  Message from Dave - "I was at Guilbert / Office Depot from 2004- 2008 & made many Good Friends along the way who I still keep in touch with when I can! I have recently moved to Coventry & have worked for IKEA Customer Relations for 2 years" (January 2014)

David Rana ... Working for UKOS

Donna Burbitt ...

Donna Smith (Now Hendry) - Still at Office Depot working in the public sector team.  Living in Northamptonshire.

Duncan Murphy ... Sad news that Duncan passed away around July 2009

Emma Webster ... Working at Oyez-Straker

Erika Little ... Still at Northampton working for Office Depot (not a member of the escape committee !)

Frances Muirhead ... Received this message from Frances - "Still at Office Depot working in Regional Sales Customer Service" (There's no escape Frances ! !)

Gareth Jago ... Message from Gareth - "Living in France and working as a teacher, teaching Business English and Communication Skills to French companies" (May 2011)

Georgina Northwood 

Gillian Fairbairn ...  Message direct from Gill - "I left Northampton in Nov 2006. Im now working as a PA for Carillion at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon .

Graham Balsdon ... Message from Graham -  "Living in Bexley Married to Sue Harrison who worked at Guilbert Furniture in Hemel.  We are both working in the Office Furniture Industry." (July 2010)

Graham Bowles ... Message from Graham - I joined Arkle Office supplies in Northampton in 1993 and enjoyed working for Peter Heath, Owen Andrew, Tony Gayton, and John Miller. I was a sales rep and the two internal girls that helped me were Nicola (Blair) now Farmer and Kerry Cole. It was a great time in my life. In 1995 we were taken over by Ofrex and I met the great man Mr Roy Cowan. The sales conferences to The Belfry, Italy and Barcelona were an experience never to be forgotten. I left in 2000 and joined Roy and Owen at AOS in Hemel sometime in 2001. In 2004 I set my own business up in Language Translation called Enigma Translation Ltd in Northampton a small family business that suits my lifestyle. Much of what I learnt to run my business came from my 11 years in the Arkle/Ofrex/GUK group. Many fond memories.

Graham Jackson ...

Graham Jones (Ralph) ... Still at Northampton working for Office Depot (not a member of the escape committee either !)

Hayley Kennedy ... Has had a baby girl 'Anya' and is now working for Bluefish

Jacqui Park ...

Jeni Wiltshire ... Working for Bluefish in Northampton

Jenny Austin ... Now working for Oyez-Straker

Jo Burns ...

Jo Fryer ...

John Everest

John Miller ... Working for Bluefish in Northampton

Josie Walker ...

Karen Tansey (Farrow) ... Message received from Karen - "Paul and I are very happily married and obviously addicted to Office Supplies.  We have been told to get out more !"

Karl Johnson ... Karl was part of the furniture set-up in Northampton. We don't know what he's up to now.

Ken Ashby Ken worked at Bluefish now retired somewhere in Northampton (October 2013)

Kerry Cole ... Working for Bluefish in Northampton and living in Northampton (she was a member of the escape committee at O.D.)

Laurey Newman ... Still working for Office Depot in Northampton (There's no escape !)ro
Leanne Atkin ... Message from Leanne - "Still at Office Depot... I also now work for Support 4 Independence & NOT trying for baby no. 3!" (February 2011)

Lenore Mayon ... Living and working in Northampton

Liz Garbutt Still at Office Depot

Mandy Donneky ... Message from Mandy -  "I worked in Northampton in 2000 till 2001 (If memory serves me right!), Im now a photographer, have a web site at and am doing a degree in photography at the moment!...So if any one is getting married at Gilbert.. I'm there girl!"
Maria McKeown ...

Mavis Eastbury ... Mavis is now retired

Martin Ody ..

Martin White - Martin is now at Irongate in Derby (October 2013)

Melanie Tappenden ...

Michaela Jaycock Message from Michaela - "I am living with Stan Nickels from the warehouse and have been together for over 10 years now, we live in Abington, Northampton still and have 2 children William [5 years] and Harriet [18 months]. feel free to contact me on Facebook x" (September 2010)

Mike Baker - Message received from Mike - "I worked at 'Bluefish' for 9 years then told too old in 2011 so now works for 'Springfield' in Bedford" (October 2013)

Mike Yates - Mike is still working at Bluefish (October (2013)

Nick Soloman - Nick is still working at Bluefish (October 2013)

Nicky Agar (Heys) ... Message from Nicky - "Andrew Rana is right - Ofrex days were the best!!!!!!! My fondest memory has to be staying up all night at the conference in Italy and having breakfast outside. It was January and bloody freezing on the edge of that lake! Rod Stevens (bless him) was trying to get us cushions for the cold metal chairs by using his version of Italian - English with a strange accent. Happy Days!!"

Nicky McNeil ... Working for Krauthammer (! ! !)

Nicky Shaplan ...

Nicola Farmer ... Currently on baby number 3 ! ! (as at 31st March 2008)

Nicola Kirk (now Wright) married to Mark living in Manchester with daughter Charlotte

Nigel Edwards ... Understand Nigel is still with Office Depot at Northampton - must be part of the furniture !

Paul Farrow ... Paul sadly passed away in May 2012

Paul Shepherd ...

Peter Hughes - Sadly passed away suddenly in 2003

Phil Maston  Came from Droitwich. Message from Phil - "Hello. I left OD in 2004 to go travelling and blew all the redundancy money in 7 months. Happy days! I'm now back in Worcester working for an organisation called Natural England. It's a far cry form office supplies but a little bit of me still misses it and I can't look at a post it note without thinking.....I used to stock check those!! Phil"

Renna Kibblewhite We understand Renna is married now (?) living in Birmingham with a baby boy

Richard Walker

Rob Gair ... Working in Northampton for MacTools in Northampton and living in Kettering

Rob Hartfield - Working as a franchiser

Rod Stevens ... Still with Office Depot.

Rose Ord ... Message received direct from Rose - "I Joined Guilbert  when it first opened in Northampton  and left in July 2006  to semi retire in Spain .  Have finally settled in after 2 years apparently it`s the time it takes I`ve been told.  I loved working for Guilbert and Office Depot and made some wonderful friends whom I miss VERY much  I try to get in to see everyone when I get back to England  when I can - Rose Ord"

Sara Partridge ...

Steve Allen ... Working for Banner as depot manager in Basingstoke

Stewart Harber ...

Sue Harrison ... Message received via Graham Balsdon - "Living in Bexley Married to Sue Harrison who worked at Guilbert Furniture in Hemel. Both working in the Office Furniture Industry"

Tony Gayton ...

Tracey Telfer  Message received from Tracey (June 09) - "I was made redundant from Office Depot, Funiture Dept, Northampton on 5th June 2009. Left after just under 10 year service with Guibert/Office Depot"

Yvonne Condon ...


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