Erith/Hayes (DC & Offices)

Look for your name or your colleagues names - if they are missing then please let us know and we'll include them ! Also what are you doing now and GD8what town you're living in. 

Many thanks your help will be much appreciated


Adam Cotter ... Living in North West Kent (we believe) with his wife and children - "The wanderer returns !" - Started back at Office Depot during July 2008.

Adam Holkham ... Adam we understand has left Office Depot - no further info' as to what he's doing now. (September 2010)

Alana Powell ... Working for Office Depot as a trainer !

Alan Moss ...

Alex Dias ... Last heard of still living in Essex - not sure what he's up to though

Alex Shaw ...
Amanda Lytton ... Now working for Spicers

Annette Dublin ... Message received from Annette - "What a wonderful site !!!  My names Annette Dublin (nee Thomas) I worked at Erith, I left in April 2001, still keep in touch with a few people who still work there (Office Depot). No longer work in print now work for CB Richard Ellis in Facilities Management."
Ashlie Morris ... We've heard from Ashlie and is working for Sahara Presentation Systems (November 2010)

Astrid Roberts ... Astrid retired last year (2007)

Becky Marshall ... Left Office Depot in 2007 and is now working in London and living in Kent with her partner Vic. Expecting their first child in October 2010 (September 2010)
Belinda Watson ... Worked out of Erith as a trainer during the early days (married to Paul Watson)

Brian Puttock ... 

Candy Tutt ... Working for 'Molly Maids' and has a little boy called Bradley

Carmen Parsons ... Now retired

Carl Gray ... Message from Carl - "Hi I just came across your Guilbert site and I worked in the print section at the Erith Depot operating the presses from 1995 - 2001 From Guilbert to Westferry Printers printing the Daily Telegraph to 2010, to working in Southampton printing the Southern and Daily Echonow back to Kent working for Fuji Print as a Gravour minder.. Happy days was at Guilbert, miss the laughs".

Cheryl Cooper (Sleight) ... Still working for Office Depot
Chris McAndrew ... Message from Chris - "I worked there between 1999 - 2001 before leaving for a career in the Metropolitan police. I am now a Sergeant in the Met, and living in Kent with wife & 2 kids. Nice to see some old faces from the photos." (October 2010)

Chris Sinclaire ... Chris has now left Williams Lea and is now working at Oce head office in Brentwood (Essex)

Christine Arnold ... Married to Paul Arnold - Left OD 2010 now working for Cherry as a BDM (September 2010)

Christine Sykes ... Still working at Office Depot

Claire Hucks ... Working for Office Depot

Claire Pilkington ... Claire appeared recently at Phil O'Connell and Brian Kidd's retirement do's in Stockbridge - can't remember what she is doing now - anyone know ?

Colin Lowther ... Married to Sue Howard

Colin Wallace ... Now working for 'Oyez-Straker'

Daniel Mee ... We believe Daniel is still working for Whitegrove (part of Oyez-Straker)

Darren Yardley ...

David Beale ...

David Brown ... Still at Office Depot - Dave can't find the escape tunnel

David Harding ... Still tanned we guess - nor sure what he's doing these days though ?

David Towler ... Working for Office Depot

David Wreaves ... Recently joined AccessPlus (which is being acquired by Banner)
David Wright ... Working for Sodexo - not sure where David is living (February 2011)
Debbie Gladman ... Working for Bijoux, surrounded by diamontes and bags and in the process of setting up her own business (March 2011)

Debbie Mansfield (Cloke) ... Working for Office Depot (Married during 2007)

Debbie Tovey ...

Deborah Nethercoat ... Now living in Wales with her partner Simon Leggett and looking after their new baby !

Derek Powell ... Message direct from Derek - "Worked as an estimator then a buyer,from 1993-2001 at Erith, under Chris Sinclare/John Kirk. Left in 2001 . In 2004 become a carer to my housebound, disabled wife, suffering from cancer.. Now a widower and retired (unless I can find a job???) At the moment, I am not in contact with anyone from Guilbert, but it is such a shame the company was taken-over, such a good crowd."
Duncan Murphy ... We heard sad news that Duncan passed away around July 2009 (January 2010)

Elaine George
... Still at Office Depot

Elliott Spencer ...

Gary Corby ...

Gene Marshall ... We've had the sad news that Gene passsed away on 11th September 2008.  Gene died of pneumonia but had suffered with Parkinsons desease for somewhile.

Georgina Brown ... Working for Office Depot

Gemma Burford (now Morrison) ... Message from Gemma - "Just to let you know I worked at Guilbert UK in Hayes. (1997 - 2003)   I worked in Hayes for a few Years and then was moved to London to account manage Merrill Lynch inhouse.  I left due to having a little boy and now living in Ashford. Middlesex and working as a Recruitment Consultant. Loads of fab memories working at Guilbert, great to find out what people are doing now"

Gemma Lewis ...
Gavin Pettitt ... Working for Sodexo - nor sure where Gavin is living (February 2011)

Graham Burt ...

Harry Tsigarides ... Married to Sue Driscoll (September 2010)

Helen Stack ... Still at Office Depot and has married Paul Forsyth
Ian Fergus ... Message from Ian - "I worked in IT in Basingstoke, Andover and Erith and, despite the long commute from London, really enjoyed it. Worked with Terry Lofts. Andy Sly, Rod Cole (who alerted me to this site) and the late Farhat Taqvi to name but three. I left after Christmas 1997 to join NYK (a leading Japanese shipping company) and am still here leading the application and support team for my sins. Great to read about you all. Keep well !" (July 2012)

Jacky Saunders ... Still working for Office Depot (thanks for all the info' Jacky !)

Jackie Dellow ... Still at Office Depot and working as a Commercial Executive – 15years this November (2008)

Jackie Vandenbosch ... Working for the Greenwich Council

James White ... Still at Office Depot and working as Operational Support for me on the LTSB contract. Got married on 03.08.08 to Claire and has 2 kids, Ellie and Reece

Jane Bryant ... We believe Jane is still at Office Depot - to be confirmed.

Jane Calvert ...

Jane Mulholland (Pawson) ... Married to Bruce and living in Sussex and still working for Office Depot (Keep looking for that escape hatch Jane ! !)

Jan Savill ... Jan we believe is working for Spicers

Jason Walker ... Message received direct from Jason - "Great website and lots of memories. Just to let you know and as you can see I am still working for Office Depot as an Account Manager and living in Horsham. My wife Sharon Walker though has seen sense and left to look after our son Bradley and now has her own wedding and novelty cake business working for home. Good to hear you are well and keep adding to the site as it is good to see how our old pals are doing. We now live in Southwater, near Horsham and hope to add to the litter. Life is good and long may it continue." (January 2010)

Jayne Calvert ... Still at Office Depot
Jeff Streatley ... What happened to Jeff (is this the spelling ?)

Jim Hawley ... Now retired (September 2010)

Joanne Warren ...
Jo Doran ... Message rom Jo - "It was nice to see all the familiar faces, thanks for that.  I was part of the Print Sales Team with Mr John Walker and David Wreaves" (July 2011)

Jodi Dewhurst ... Working in London - had a baby girl named Lois in 2010 (September 2010)

John Everest ... Message received from John - "I started work for WHSmith Business supplies in 1995 we where brought out by Guilbert"  John has left O.D. we understand (September 2010)

John Hanson ... Still at Office Depot

John Walker ... Now with Oce - Message from John (May 2009) - "Just to keep you up to date, I move out of the city soon, still with Oce, but have just set up and running an exam printing centre for Cambridge University"  STOP PRESS - message from John received at the end of December 2009 "Hi Chris - Just a quick note to wish you a happy Christmas and New Year. I am relocating to Brussels in Jan.2010 to work for Iron Mountain. All the best. John

Juliette Mills ... Message received direct from Juliette - "What a great idea! I'd lost touch with so many people since leaving OD in December '05, it's a great way to see what everyone's up to.  For myself, I'm not in sales anymore but went back to being a PA - deskbound but stable - it's great being with a team all the time instead of spending all day on the car park that is affectionately known at the M25!  Just started a new job as Business Manager at Deutsche Bank.  I live in Hextable with my partner Duncan and we're getting married in September (2008) - we dont like to rush things - only took us seven years to get to this point!!   We spend as much of our spare time as possible sailing when we're not looking after the four children we have between us!    I'll definitely keep an eye on the site to see who's up to what with whom - keep up the good work"

Julie Redmond ... Still at Office Depot

Justine Watkins ...

Karen Bond ... Living in Spain !  Just heard that she returned to the UK sometime during 2008/9 (September 2010)
Karen Lindridge ... Still living in Andover, when I left Erith I joined a local company, Petty Wood & Co, still there after 10 years. (June 2011) 
Karl Slater ... Working for Kone as a Lift Engineer, doing very well. (March 2011)

Kay Steadman ...

Keith Selby ... Last heard of working for Corporate Express

Kelly Anne Sayers (Johnson) ... Worked in Print client services - message from Kelly - "Me and Mark Sayers married finally on 29th August 2008, still living in Chatham with sons Ryan 8yrs and Bobby 5yrs. Now working in a Print Company in Rochester, been there since July last year." (February 2011)
Kelly Austen ... Message from Kelly - "I'm still working at Office Depot now based at the Sidcup office"  We hear that Kelly is in the process of setting up her own business making and selling jewellery, wine charms, book marks etc. (March 2011)

Kelly Strugnell (Lewis) ...

Kerry Sawyer ... Working for Office Depot

Kevin McAdam ... Kevin is working but not sure who for - we will try to get some info' on him.  
Kevin McDonnell ... Message from Kevin - "It was lovely to see the website and read all the updates from the Guilbert team. I am now working for a company called Martindale Pharma who are based in Brentwood. Spencer Shaw is working for me here and before Martindale I worked for 10 years at COLT Telecom in London were Lester Farrell, Lee Chevis, Ben Lewis and Darren Yardley are still working.  Duncan Murphy unfortunately did pass away on the 19th May 2009 (aged 68 yrs) however I am still in contact with Linda his wife and their son Gary and still occasionally visit them in Northampton. I wish everyone well and the best of luck for 2012".  (January 2012)
Kevin O'Rourke ... Message from Kevin - "I came through the ranks at Cartwright Brice,until I left in 2000 when it was Guilbert…..some great memorys…we had some right laughs" (December 2011)

Kieran Dowling ... Still at Office Depot

Lee Chevis ...

Lee Steele ... Working for 'Marley's' - doing well for himself as Manager

Lena Morris ... Working for Office Depot

Les Barker ...

Lester Farrell ...

Lisa Bellingham (Jones) ... Working for Offce Depot has a little boy Edward. -  Lisa has another child a little girl called Lucy (September 2010)

Lisa Shaw (Connell) ... Has two children. Message from Lisa - "It is a realy great website that you have put together. Guilbert days were the days - most definitely!!!!"  (Just received a note that Lisa is getting married on 30th August 2008 to Spencer Shaw ! !) - Lisa was made redundant from O.D. in 2009 (September 2010)

Lorraine Harden ... Made redundant from Office Depot in 2009 (September 2010)

Louise Brisley ... Message from Louise - "I love looking through this web site! I have so many brilliant memories of my time at WH Smith Business Supplies, Guilbert and Office Depot! The people really have made the company! Im still at Office Depot in Print Solutions as a Business Development Manager! Almost 16 years now!" (February 2011) 

Mannie Rogers ...

Megan Tiedt ... Working for Sue Gould's ex-company in Basingstoke (The company has now been sold to Oyez-Straker)

Marion Hodgetts ... As far as we know - Marion is still working for Office Depot.
Mark Davies ... Message from Mark - "Worked for Cartwight Brice that became WHS Business Supplies that became Guilbert. After the CB days that started for me in 1984 in the Old Kent Road, I moved on to Erith and eventually ended up in Andover leaving in 2002.  I now work for Sodexo (from Jan 2003) as a Key Account Manager in the field Intergrated Facilities Management at Pfizer.  I am still with Jo from the CB days who many will remember, I have two kids, Sam 6 and Lee 15.  It's worth noting that Peter Lale, David Wright and Gavin Pettitt all from Erith are still working with me. Brilliant site ... so many memories from both the Erith and Andover days". (February 2011)

Mark Norris ... Message from Mark - "Like the website. Still at OD as you can see !" (man of few words !)

Mark Roberts ... Message from Mark - "I worked for Guilbert UK Erith until around 2004. Just browsing your site I found a pic of myself (G107) also in the pic from left to right are Chris McAndrew, Eliott Spencer, Mike Crawley, Lee Steele and myself. Seen loads of other people from Erith on there too. Keep up the good work. Mark" (October 2010)

Mark Sayers ... Living in Chatham with his other half Kelly and their two boys

Maurice Neale ... Message from Maurice - "Worked at Erith in the print department still in touch with some of the old staff me and my wife moved to Ireland to be with our family I am now retired and enjoying every minute" (February 2014)

Michael Crawley ...

Michael Davis ... Working for Office Depot

Michelle Bailey ... Working for Office Depot

Mina de Souza ... Mina is now retiredfor

Natalie Jones ...  Message from Natalie direct - "Great website, there are quite a few pictures of me. I am still at Office Depot and work for David Towler.  I now have 2 children Kieran is nearly 6 and my daughter Bridie is 3.  Once I became a mum I dropped to only working 3 days - lucky me!"

Nelam Pall ... Message from Nelam - "Just came by your website by chance great to see how everyone is getting on .... I worked at Erith for 5 years - I am now married with 3 children and would love it if you could put me on your website!"  Done ! ! (June 2012)

Nick Moody ... Message from Nick - "I worked in Erith for about 8 years, I'm currently the 'Warehouse &Transport Manager' for CEVA Freight Management at Heathrow" (February 2014)
Nicky Byrne ... Still at Office Depot

Nikki Murray (Kitcher) ... (see Andover)

Norman Lovelock ... Message from Norman - "I left Office Depot in March 2005 after 11.5 years.  I  started working for Cartwright Brice at the Ossary Road Office around1994. Just to clarify I have not yet retired but since leaving I have  worked in local government within East Anglia.  Married to Margaret, 40 years in 2012. Have 8 grandchildren and life is good.  If anyone wishes to contact me my email is  Great website Chris, brings back lots of fond memories.  (December 2011)
Paul Allen ... Message from Paul - "What a great site. I worked at Erith for a while before relocating to Bristol. Worked on NHS accounts with Phil and Tony to name a few before working for the legend that is Bob Griffiths ! Left in 2002, went to uni now training to be a teacher. Do miss those days though". (November 2010)

Paul Arnold ...

Pauline Manley ... Last heard of working for a competitor

Paul Voller ...

Paul Watson ...

Paul Webb ...

Perry Allen ... Living in Scotland (Found the wrong escape tunnel !)

Raj Sahota ... Still at Office Depot and working as Sales Support for Tom O’ Donnell

Rebecca Hogan ... Now living in Poole with her family
Peter Lale ... Working for Sodexo not sure where Peter is living though. (February2011)

Peter Wright ...

Richard Walker ...

Rosetta Vertuccio ... Still at Office Depot

Roy Wigg ... As we understand it - Roy is still with Office Depot and has got himself MARRIED (2009) ! !

Ruth Kemp ... Ruth has left Office Depot but don't have any further information (September 2010)

Sally Aird ...

Sam Butler ... Working in a Nursery

Sam McNally ... Working in Canary Wharf

Sharon Walker ... Message received via her husband Jason - "Sharon left to look after our son Bradley and now has her own wedding and novelty cake business working for home If anyone wants a cake for that special occassion ..."

Sianne Meekcoms ... Now living in Spain !

Simon Gillham ... Still at Office Depot and working as Operational Support on the LTSB contract. Living with partner Vicky and 2 children, Morgan and Tye.

Spencer Shaw ... Getting married to Lisa Connell on 30th August 2008 - left O.D. not sure where he is now. (September 2010)

Stephen Guest ...

Steve Tovey ...

Sue Harris ...

Sue Lowther (Howard)) ... Still at Office Depot as Print Customer Service manager (September 2010)

Sue Tsigarides (O'Driscoll) ... Still at Office Depot - married to Harry (September 2010)

Terri Hannan (Edwards) ... Working for Office Depot

Tina Morley ... Working for Office Depot (Can't find the escape tunnel, eh Tina ! ?)

Tina Whipps ... Made redundant from O.D. in 2009 (September 2010)

Tom O'Donnell ... Still working for Office Depot (Hasn't found the escape tunnel as yet)

Tony Rapochelli ... Left Image2Office October 2007 - currently doing consultancy.

Tracy Dickinson ... Message received from Tracy - "What a great idea – I was based in Erith from 1997 to 2001 and worked in Print Services with David Towler and the gang.  I came out of the print industry several years ago, and have now work in Purchase Ledger for a Company called Scott Wilson.  Children are all grown up now, so have moved to the country, currently doing up a little house. Happy with my vegetables and chickens".

Tracey Mott ... Made redundant in 2009 (September 2010)
Tracey Slater nee Rayner ... Still working for Office Depot now based in Sidcup. (March 2011)

Vicki Rushton ... Working for Office Depot and this message from Vicki - "As you can see I am still here – in my 19th year now! [Yes, I can’t find the escape tunnel either!!] No longer working in Print Services or Customer Services – working for Sue Williams as Operations Manager on the LTSB contract.  Living in Kent and have a boy, Harry who is 9 – time flies eh!!"

Warren Letley ... Message from Warren - "Hi Those that are still there that remember me . I am still in the stationery trade working for Oyez Straker re branded Office Team My son Matt is still working for Office Depot as contracts manager for Education he was married two weeks ago , I am now over the great 60 but still going strong I see Sue Gould about every 4-6 weeks she is enjoying life with her family . I see lots of the old faces from the Ofrex,Guilbert,and OD days Stuart Hobson ,Janet O Connor Chris Batterbee, Sue Jones,and so on". (September 2010)

Yvonne Ward ... Yvonne is now retired we understand .(September 2010)


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