GD1Dog5 Andover (DC & Offices)

Look for your name or your colleagues names - if they are missing then please let us know and we'll include them ! Also what are you doing now and what town you're living in.

Many thanks your help will be much appreciated




Aaran Briant ... Not sure what Aaran is doing now but we have seen his 'bit' on Facebook !

Adam Laurence ... Still working for Office Depot as a Key Account Manager (January 2010)

Abigaile Churchill ... Message received from Abigaile - "Good afternoon all, I am sat enjoying this rare weather and I decided I would do a catch up with everyone who, as for various reasons we are no longer colleagues at the lovely Niceday. So I hope you are all doing well.  I'm not up to much, working in Verwood for a company with Tracey Nutley for those of you who remember her, mad girl recommended me, I mean once your rid you count your blessings wot is she like!!!  I am in Salisbury but will be moving back to Andover in a few months for at least 6 months wish I didn't get bored so easily ha ha - Do hope you are all good"

Adrian Whitman ... Message from Adrian - " I worked at Niceday in the mid to late 90's, I was in IT as an analyst/programmer, with the likes of of John Hart, Andy Sly, Donna McKenzie, Terry Clarke, Ian Furgason, Farhat Taqvi, John Hoskins and Becci (now long since a Hoskins too).  You are listing Farhat Taqvi as Erith whereas he was Andover based, I worked with him for years on the G/L accounting side. Very sad to hear he had died, a truly lovely guy. He was one of the original Imrex employees brought in to complete the NIMBIS computer system when Imrex of Basingstoke folded before the system was completed, as were many of the original cast of IT in the early days.  Also Carol Henman, who was a contract developer in IT when I was there and who has sadly died of Spinal Cancer some years ago now (she leaves behind a son and husband, Nigel).  I worked with her again and her husband in the late 90’s, 98 I think, at Chase Manhattan in Bournemouth.  I’m still in IT for my sins but those days in Niceday were great". (July 2014)

Alan Higgins ... Last heard of Alan was living in Wiltshire and working for 'Ben Sherman' (2011) any free shirts Al ? ?)

Alan McKenzie ...

Alan O'Brien ... Has left Lansing Linde but is still in Basingstoke not sure what he's doing now (August 2010)

Alan Orchard ... Message received direct from Alan (November 2009) - "I just thought I'd help you with a gap against my name on your Guilbert website. Well after leaving in 2005 I went travelling the world ending up in Thailand as a diving instructor. Have been back in the country since May (2009) and now working for Bioquell (Sales ) In Andover again!!!"

Alan Smith ... Still living in the Andover area - Message from Alan - "I am now working for Southern Co-operatives as a Team Leader". (January 2011)
Alex Crokey ... Last heard of working for Esselte as customer service manager.

Alice-Louise Hutchinson ... Alice-Louise worked in Customer Service department in Andover.

Alison Wand ... Living in Basingstoke with her husband Chris and their family - working ? (May 2007)

Andrew Kempson ... Left O.D. not sure what Andrew is up to these days
Andrew Norman ... Part of the SAP team in Andover

Andie Smith ... Still working for Office Depot in Andover (January 2010)

Andy Clark ... Andy sadly is no longer with us, he passed away some time back - many of you will remember him with some affection.

Andy Craig ... Still working for Banner (Basingstoke?)

Andy McDougal ... Ran the I.T. department - no idea what Andy is doing now though.

Andy Parry ... Message from Andy - "Like the site!!! - I am still with OD, working out of their Boca office in Florida. Have a little girl, 30 months, so so cute. Spend spare time fishing and wake-boarding ... !" (September 2010)

Andy Seyers 'Sizzle' ... Was working for Office Depot in Heathrow as Transport Manager and we believe still living in Basingstoke (January 2010)

Andy Sly ...

Andy Taylor ... Living in the Andover area (we believe) and working for Oyez-Straker (2009)

Angela Valler ... Message from Angela - "Great website, it was great seeing a lot of faces from past,thought I would let you know what I've been up to since leaving.....

After 7 1/2 yrs of working for Pentagon to Guilbert I was made redundant at the end of 2000. I worked for Sematron in Basingstoke for 2 years, we moved to Great Shoddesden, between Andover and Ludgershall 2002, worked with my other half restoring classic cars for 3yrs, then decided to go into property buying houses and converting them into flats until 2008, this is where I bumped into Elaine Hart. With the credit crunch couldn't continue down this road, also having a 1yr old (now have 3 girls aged 23yrs, 18yrs & 7yrs) found it difficult to get work around looking after her, so I got a Job at Asda working nights 2008, done this for 5yrs then decided I could move to days as my other half was now working from home. I am a Section Leader on Home Shopping department looking after the Drivers and the vans, can be a bit stressful a lot of the time but we do have a laugh". (November 2014)

Anita Smith ... Living and working in Andover (2009)

Annette Jones ... Living in Andover 
Barry Emms ... Now working for Office Depot in Leicester

Barry Holloway ... Message from Barry - "What a blast from the past! Great to see so many familiar names on here. Married Lisa McSwiggan from Credit Control, we have 2 kids now. Still living in Andover, working in Basingstoke for De La Rue" (December 2010)

Bart Rentmeesters ... Received an update on Bart from Richard Hogarth - "Bart is living in Antwerp with his wife Ilya and now works for IMC engineering (MD I think)"  Thanks Richard ... SEE ALSO 'SPECIAL MESSAGE' FROM BART

Belinda Seabrook ... Message from Belinda direct - "Hi, living in Andover and still working For Armchair Group, a telephone answering service up on the Portway. Anyone who knew me, please e-mail and we'll have a catch Up!!. (see message page) 'B'.X "  (March 2010)
Ben Martin ... Worked in customer servies - Ben & Savannna have a lovely little boy.  Ben hasn't found the escape hatch from O.D. as yet .... still there (April 2010)

Bill Cooper ... Lots of you will remember 'Cooperman' - lost track of him since he left Sue Gould's company in Basingstoke (2008)
Bill Walton ... Bill is working as a transport manager for a fruit & veg company

Bob Sturt ... Warehouse manager at Andover

Bob White ... Last heard of quite a few years ago heading towards Wales to live.
Brenda Jordan ... Originally with Pentagon prior to the WHSmith days - Brenda has now retired and spending time between her home in Whitchurch and her 'other' home in Spain (life's good eh Brenda ?) - saw Brenda in Andover during one of her UK visits (September 2014)

Brian Collis ... Retired now and still living in Andover (April 2011 heard that Brian had a heart attack and thank goodness is recovering now)

Brian Kidd ... Retired now and still living in Kent with his good lady.

Brian Marr ... Brian has sadly passed away - no details.

Brian Slee ... Message from Brian (January 2010) - "Hi Chris, Thanks for your efforts with this site. It really is great. I spent about an hour yesterday reading through it, and looking at all the pictures. All good here (Holland), still working for the same US company(manufacturer of digital printers). All going well. Health is steady which is the main thing." - Another comment from Brian "Hi all., I still get a kick out of reading everything, and looking at the old pics. Count me in to any reunion. Brian" (September 2010)

Bruce Mulholland ... Not currently working as far as we know.... STOP PRESS news in about Bruce - "He & Jane are well and living on the South Coast" (November 2014)

Byron Woodmansee ... Was the Marketing Director - nothing heard of him since he left - only that he started his own company.

Carol Henman ... Carol was a contract developer in IT who has sadly died of Spinal  Cancer some years ago now (she leaves behind a son and husband, Nigel)

Caroline Lee ... Caroline is living in Andover and working for Testway Housing (2013)
Carol Mills ... Worked in customer services - saw Carol recently and she is/was wrking as a traffic warden in Andover - she is/was looking to move to Manchester (March 2010)

Catherina Teagle ... Message recieved direct from Catherina - " I used to work in Andover in the SAP Team for Andrew Norman looking after BW. I left in January 2007 and am now working for Kingfisher IT Services in Chandlers Ford"

Cathy Lusk ... Living in Andover and was looking for work - after just being made redundant (Nov 2009)

Cerri Barton ... Still working for Office Depot in Andover (2010)
Charlie Barrie ... Message from Charlie - "I worked in Andover Credit Control, I left in 1997 or thereabouts.Used to have a great laugh with Melanie,Stella, Jo (who I worked with at ITPS)and Irene,and of course Geoff the Credit Manager,who I have to thank for giving me a chance. Also how could I forget Sharon Britton and John Wood in Leeds.Apologies for those names I have omitted,no disrespect intended. I left to become a london black cab driver,which I still am to this day. Give my regards to everyone". (September 2012)

Charlie Littlefair (Goodge) ... Message direct from 'Charlie' - "Hey guys, still in Bulford with my little girl Abi and my fella Wayne. Working for Aspire Defence in Tidworth, my manager is Linda Steer Smith!!! "  (Did Charlie get married ? ? - yes she did not sure when though - see her on Facebook ?)

Cherry Gould ...

Chris Batterbee ... We hear that Chris has left Sue Gould's old company and has gone to live in Cornwall (Unconfirmed January 2010)

Chris Clarke ... Still with Office Depot as a salesperson (August 2010)

Chris Culley ... Chris was the 'security' person - employed to sort out security risks throughout the company .... !

Chris Cursley-Wooler ... Ran the Business Development department - no new of what he's doing now

Chris Hardwick ... Chris was the Telemarketing person at Andover

Chris Lee ... See separate 'special message' from Chris and in the 'Guest Book'

Chris Mahoney ... One of our former Chief executives. Chris worked at Banner for a period of time after leaving OD but we know he moved on from there, not sure where/if he is working now but he continues to reside in Buckinghamshire
Chris Morgan ... Message from Chris - "What a great website - Oh , how  things have changed,  there were certainly some great and special moments at Guilbert.
 I have a neat and expanding family in New Zealand and work for Staples, for all past colleagues and friends- keep shinning and rock on! Or “Have a nice day” - Chris Morgan former Customer Service - Product Inventory Manager Andover.
(September 2010)
Chris O'Brien ... Message received from Kevin direct (see also message book) - "Hello Everyone. I came across this website by accident. What a great idea ! During the Guilbert years (also worked there when it was WH Smith Business Supplies) I worked in the SAP team. Since leaving I have had various SAP consultant roles and now I am working for Sony along with another former employee Darren Anderson in the SAP team.I am currently living and working in Moscow. I married a lovely Russian lady called Anna in Moscow. My brother still works at Office Depot (Kevin O’Brien)"

Chris Rees-Webbe ... Message from Chris (via message book) - "Hi all. Some great times at Guilbert.I left OD on the 30.05.08" Chris is now working in British Rail management (July 2009)
Chris Robins ... Living back in Andover now with his wife Julie - basically retired but doing a little bit of training and other bits and pieces - got married on the 7th November 2009.
Chrissy Johnson ... Still living in Overton with her family (Working ?)

Christian Budge ...

Claire ffolkes ... Still living in Andover with her family and working for Banner (2008).

Claire Holmes ... Left Guilbert very suddenly and married a guy from IT (we think) - possibly living down in Wiltshire or Somerset ?

Claire Massey ...

Claudine Bourbigot ... Claudine worked in purchasing.

Clive Burson ... Still living in Andover and holidaying a lot - info' received from Ray Smith (Cheers Ray - August 2010)
Colin Nutley ... Colin had worked in Andover for around 6 - 7 years full time in the warehouse but sadly he had to retire though ill health and finally lost his battle with cancer in 2006.
Colleen Athoe ... Message from Colleen - "Just to say we were both pleased to see the website. We are moving back to Andover at the end of July 2012. George is keeping very well.  He is still very active". (July 2012)

Damian Morris ... Still with Office Depot in the I.T. department. (February 2011)

Daniel Ross ... Still living in Whitchurch, running his own business with Dawn selling garden supplies based in Picket Piece (near Andover) also selling via the internet.

Dave Newby - Dave has sadly passed away
Dave Scahill ... Living and still working for O.D. in Andover (Oct 2009)

David Lattimer ... Still living in Wootton Bassett (centre of the universe eh?) with his wife and children and running his own company.(November 2014)

David Owen ... Working for Office Depot and living in South Hampshire.

David Pearson ... David is now retired and living in Andover with his good lady wife.

Dawn Ross ... Message from Dawn - "I left in December 2006 and things are going well as an internet retailer in Gardening Supplies. We are also in the middle of developing land so we can move the business forward. Robert is 18 and after attending Sparshott College works with us and Katie our daughter is 8. It will be great to hear from anyone who remembers me xx "

Dawn Vine ...

Debbie Cook ...

Deborah Nethercoat ... We hear she is a Mum - Married to Simon Leggett (May 2008) in Welshpool and looking after the little one - Louis born 2007. Deborah is possibly working again ?

Dennis Freeman ... Living in Andover.
Derrick Coleman ... With sadness Derrick passed away after a battle with cancer (September 2014) A few years back we received this message from Derrick - "Dave Scahill put me onto the website and what a pleasure it was reading and looking at previous colleagues. They certainly were some of the cream of the industry. I spoke to Gill Robinson yesterday and she told she had still kept the notes and assessments on the presentation course you ran a "wee while ago" in Bristol (may be about 8 years or more). I still live in Amesbury. One bit of news though is that I will be retiring on 31st March, it is not entirely of my own free will, they are taking 43 accounts off me and want me to start again, no "Bleeding" way am I going to start all over again. (January 2010)

Diana Riordan ... We understand Diana left OD in 2009, just wanted a rest from the rat race, time to chill out and do her own thing at home for a while - best wishes to her !

Dilek Ozler ... We now have the answer to the whereabouts of Dilek, received the following message from her - " I used to work in the Andover office from October 1998-March 2000.  It was a great time and it is so good to see there is a site I can get info from old colleagues.  This is a great initiative, congratulations...In the site, I saw that there was a comment against my name and the answer to that is “yes,  I am the Turkish girl who worked in marketing and I went back to Turkey for family reasons.”  I was actually the Pricing Analyst reporting to Andy Craig, the marketing director.  That was in March 2000 and since then I have worked in a market research company called Synovate in Turkey.  And for the last 2 years I have been working in Unilever as the Regional Consumer & Market Insight Manager for Home Care Category responsible for Africa, Middle East a& Turkey Region – based in Turkey. You can be sure that I will be a follower of the site"

Don Gibbs ... Don worked in the Finance Department

Donna McKenzie ... 
Donna Stokes ... Living and still working for O.D. in Andover.(August 2010)
Donna Wilkes ... Still working & living in Andover - we believe ? (January 2010)

Dougie Ford ... Message from Dougie - "Great site, I am amazed at the amount of people I can remember. I recently spent three good years working with Nick White and Andy Taylor at Oyez, then left to work in a dealer group to understand the market place. I have recently, this summer, found a niche in the market where I have set up my own business this summer (2009).  I still live in Lightwater with my grown up family (son of 20 and daughter of 18) and wife of 27 years.  I'm actively involved in managing/coaching/development of under 18 youth football and at a fairly high standard"
Duncan Natt ... Message received via Duncan's better half ! - "He is still at Office Depot after 10 years (via Guilbert of course !), refer to the missus (Kerry) for family life and stuff…."

Eamonn Fitzgerald ... Still living in Potters Bar with his wife Margaret and enjoying his retirement (good eh Eamonn !)

Eddie Newman ... Eddie seemed to disappear somewhere down Pompey way - anyone know of him ? ?  He was a sales person working for the Education team. - We heard Eddie he hasn't been too good, his health is a worry - we wish him well. (February 2011) + Eddie we understand is fully retired now after working for the NHS as an out of hours driver for about 9 years. His health is still a concern. (January 2013)

Elaine Hart ... Still living and working in Andover. (November 2014)

Elaine Russell ... Mesage from Elaine - "I left Office Depot in Feb 2010 after my job was made redundant, I'm looking for a part-time job, currently I'm just keeping very busy at home" (March 2011)
Emily Robins (Evans) ... Living in and working in Andover (April 2012)
Emma Cowley ...
Emma Woolgar ... Message from Emma - "I worked out Guilbert Niceday in Andover from 1998-2003  firstly in the invoicing team with Joanne Wicks, Zoe Wells and Melanie Harvey/Pembury.  I then went onto work for Andrew Norman on the SAP team working on outsourcing the invoicing to a printing company I only left to go travelling. Great to see some old names bought back some memories. Update is not that glam.. I'm working and living in Salisbury" (January 2011)

Everton Adudu ... Had a brief spell with us as a saleman

Ewen Henry ... Still living in Andover with his wife and children but working for Spicers (April 2012)

Farhat Taqvi ... Farhat sadly is no longer with us

Frank Kenny ... Message from Frank (see also Guest Book) - "This is a tribute to everyone who worked at the DC in andover. Today (30th May 2008), it finally came to a halt after nearly 14 years unwavering service. Well done to all for taming the beast and finally getting it to do what we wanted it to. so many names, so many faces. Great memories and some good friends now too. Thanks to everyone and good luck to you all. Time moves on and so does the business, remember the good old days and go create some good new days. - Frank has now retired and living in Whitchurch" (Frank has now retired and living in Whitchurch - January 2013)

Freddie Watts ... Living in Overton with his wife and children and still working for Office Depot.

Garry White ... Left Europackaging September 2007, joined Williams Lea - now we understand Garry is back in the stationery trade and living in Manchester (he said to be near his football team - we assume he means City as all united fans all live in the South)

Geoff Tute ... Left Office Depot in early 2009 - message from Geoff - "Great to see the website and to re-live some exciting times.  Retired from OD and despite being semi retired, I now run two Consultancy companies; Boomerang Consultancy, Public Sector Consultancy and IT systems specialist and 2T Consultancy, Public Sector and Commissioning Consultancy.
Phil O’Connell and I still meet up once a month and Bob Griffiths joins us for a chat and catch-up"

Geoff Chewter ... Geoff was Credit Control manager in Andover.

Geoff Fowler ... Message from Geoff - "So many names that bring back memories (ggod ones!).  After leaving Guilbert I went to Momenta dealer group which then changed it's name to United Office Products.  Worked there until last September (2007), now working for OfficeTeam in Weybridge.  Still living in Blackwater with my wife Sue as our two boys have got their own lives to enjoy now"  Thanks for that Geoff.  Further update from Geoff ... "Just a further update on me - I was made redundant from Office Team in Weybridge at the end of March this year. Since then have been looking around without success and now working for myself as a consultant dealing with any product file/pricing file projects that I can find, or any other data related tasks that are available. Always looking for more!"  (September 2010)

George Athoe ... After leaving Guilbert (O.D.) George and Colleen moved to Spain - they are both back in the UK now and living in Wiltshire. - Latest message via Colleen - "Just to say we were both pleased to see the website.  Great.We are moving back to Andover at the end of July 2012. George is keeping very well.  He is still very active" (January 2013) 

Gill Dunscombe ... Gill is happily working in Andover for 'family' garage and still living in Porton with her better half Mick (see the link on 'Links')
Gill Robinson ... Still with Office Depot we believe ? (January 2010)

Gill Shaw ... Last we heard of Gill she was moving to Ireland ?

Gill Vincent ...
Gina Smith ... Working for Spicers ? ?
Glenn Nutley ... Message received from Glenn - "I am engaged to Frances and am living in Lychpit, Basingstoke. Career wise, I am now Transport Manager for a heavy haulage company in Hook" (March 2010)

Gwen Lewis ... Left Office Depot in December 2009 - no information as to what Gwen is doing now - we believe she is still living in the Salisbury area with Alan 'Hurricane' Higgins.

Hannah Kane (Jordan) ... Hannah is working in the Andover Leisure Centre getting folks fit ! !  Married with two children. She is the daughter of Brenda Jordan. (February 2011)

Hayley Campbell ... Message from Hayley - "I'm still here in Andover, had a little boy Jack last year and now working for 'Armchair' on the West Portway" 

Hazel Dawtrey ... Worked in Cutsomer Service in Andover.
Helen Avis ... Still in Andover and now in full-time education training to be a nurse.

Helena White ... Still living in Andover, working for Corporate Express
Hilary Lucas ... We've heard that Hilary has been made redundant from O.D. after around 40 years unbroken service - good luck for the future Hils !!! (August 2014)
Howard Dawson ... Left Office Depot in April 2009 - No news as to what Howard is doing now.

Ian Ferguson ... 

Iain McLean ... Iain found the escape hatch and is now working as a Sales Manager for a compnay outside of the office supplies industry. Message from Iain - "Great Web site, can't believe I have known some of these people over half my life How scary is that. Good Health Everyone. Iain" (February 2011)

Iain Munro ...

Ian Coombes ... Message from Ian - "Moved back to Yorkshire May '08.  Retired. Lives by the sea.  Bloody magic" (October 2010)
Ian Dyson ... Working in Andover (on the taxis) and living with his 'better' half Karen in the Andover area - we did hear they plan to marry in 2010 abroad somewhere (Italy?). Message from Ian's wife - "Just an update on myself and Ian. Yes we did get married and it was in Italy, Sorrento to be exact.  We got married on Friday 17th September 2010 and it was beautiful." Thanks Karen (October 2010)
Ian Fergus ... Message from Ian - "I worked in IT in Basingstoke, Andover and Erith and, despite the long commute from London, really enjoyed it. Worked with Terry Lofts. Andy Sly, Rod Cole (who alerted me to this site) and the late Farhat Taqvi to name but three. I left after Christmas 1997 to join NYK (a leading Japanese shipping company) and am still here leading the application and support team for my sins. Great to read about you all. Keep well !" (July 2012) Update from Ian - 
 "I hope you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I entered 2013 having been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer but, fingers crossed, seem to have recovered and am looking forward to a great 2014" (December 2013).
Jackie Bird ... Message from Jackie - "I worked in order processing under Pam and then in Commercial under Michelle Derbyshire - Just found the website, amazing, so many fantastic memories of a great company.  It definitely goes down as one of the best. Could you add me please .... (of course we can !) Now working in ADP in Hungerford, PA to the Managing Director and living in Appleshaw nr Andover. Remarried and now Jackie Deacon"  (2010)

Jackie Thompson ... Last heard of still working at Office Depot. (July 2010)

Jackie Walsh ... Still working for Office Depot in Andover (January 2010)

James Bohn ... Worked in the Warehouse both at Andover and at Basingstoke in the Pentagon days - no idea what he's doing now.

James Rowland ...

James White ...

Jamie Boomer ... We hear Jamie is enjoying the high life in Spain with his wife Sheena - "It's all go Jamie eh ?"

Jane Bishop ... Sadly Jane is no longer with us - she passed away a few years ago.

Jane Scorer ... Don't know what Jane is up to these fays since she left the O.D. regime.

Jane Smith ... Living and - we believe - working in Andover

Janet Goddard ... Message from Janet - "Hi, I joined WH smiths business supplies way back in January 1995 shortly after the Andover offices opened, working in IT for John Hart. I'm STILL here having recently completed 20 years service. Still in IT and looking after EDI for the UK, Ireland and also a bit in Europe too. Fab site and good to see so many old names from the past !"

Janet Palmer ... Still living in Andover - retired now. Message received from Janet (also on the Guest message section) - "Great to recognise so many names. Spoke to Chris recently and he told me about this updated system. Still travelling lots but my husband died 2 years ago and now I am doing work with the Conservative Party - don't tell Mickie Britton - he always thought I was Old Labour!!" (September 2010)

Janice Levene ... Working for Testway Housing and living in Andover

Jan Page ... Was training manager for awhile in Andover - not sure what Jan is doing these days.

Jan Rollo ... Last we heard she was working for Office Depot in Andover - must have left now along with everyone else.
Jan Young (nee Savill) ... Working for Spicers and got married - not sure when though ! (January 2010)
Jason Harsant ... Still living in Andover and working.

Jason Walker ...

Jeanette Franks ... Jeanette is working and is now a Granny (!) (see Neil Patch's comments)

Jemma Burchmore ... Living in Salisbury, now married.  Working for the supply chain at B&Q

Jeni Edwards ... Jeni worked in purchasing in the early days at Guilbert, formerly a stalwart of Pentagon - Jeni sadly passed away in 2013

Jenni Martin ...

Jenny Scully ...

Jeremy Knight ...

Jerome Baniol ... One of our French colleagues from Guilbert France - did he go back to France ?

Joanne Appleyard ... Worked in the HNS team with Eamonn Fitzgerald

Joanna Colby ... 

Jocylin Ogola (Thorne) ... Living and working in Andover, now married !!

John Asseter - Now retired

John Davies ... Retired now but still living in Andover - message from John - "After retiring in October 2007, Elaine and I went on a cruise in March 2008 starting in Mexico going through the Panama canal and ending up in Barbados. Whilst on board we finally married after 25 years together. Since then we have continued to travel visiting the Baltic countries on another cruise in May 2009 and South Africa this year. We keep on telling the kids that we are spending their inheritance" (April 2010)

John Hart ... 

John Hoskins ... 
John Livingston ... Living in Datchet was working for Spicers (can't get away from office supplies eh?)

John Oakes ... Message received from John - "What a walk down memory lane! I'd forgotten those long-lost days of hedonism but the photos brought them right back - scary. After leaving Guilbert I spent some time living in Spain, near Barcelona, but am now back in the UK as field sales manager for a Market-leading German pen manufacturer. I'm getting married next Saturday (the 29th August 09) to Nancy a very lovely Hong Kong lady and I'm to be a dad again at the ripe old age of khjfjxx (sorry the leyboard slipped) in November 09 - exciting times."

John Papp ... Worked for Guilbert in purchasing and is living in Andover with his wife Lynn 

John Potton ... John sadly passed away in 2014 - worked in sales and print.

John Reid ... One of the ex-Pentagon people - worked for Guilbert for a short while

John Unwin ... John worked in Purchasing in Andover

John Wheeler ... Now living in Andover and still working for Office Depot (September 2014)

Jo Kenyon ... Jo is still living in Andover and working for M & S in Andover (see the guest book).

Jon Hickey ... Working as Sales Manager for Westcoast (computer supplies)

Jon White ... Living in Sussex and working for himselfand is now married.

Judi Forman ... Message from Judi (received August 2009) - "I am no longer missing but am alive and well and still living with Peter in a beautiful Manor House in Lincolnshire, looking after our 6 acres and leading " the good country life "........... growing our own vegetables, and looking after our orchard and paddocks.  Decided to hang up the old business suits and expense account and am having much more fun in my green wellies (and pearls !!!) .........(bet Eammon provided you with that piccie ?)  I have only recently discovered your fantastic website and was thrilled to read updates of so many great people who i remember well, but saddened to read about people who are no longer with us, of whom i also have fond memories.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I was in Wales running a B&B, would love to hear from anyone who can be bothered to get in touch ? Kindest Wishes"
Julian Furne ... Julian we understand works for Apple and can be found on Facebook !

Julian Patel ... Message from Julian - "I have moved to Nottingham and for the past 3 years have been at XMA as Sales & Commercial Director. I still see a fair few people in the industry around but for those I do not then it would be great to catch up again either on Facebook, Linkedin or through this site. Best to all !"  (November 2010)

Julian Strong ... We believe Julian is still living in Basingstoke and is now retired.

Julie Aslett ...

Julie Biesta ...

Julie Elford (Now Linssen) ... Living in the Southampton area with her husband Simon and working for him we understand ! 

Julie Few (MacMillan) ... Still living in the Andover area and working for Office Depot - there's no escape Julie !. BUT there might be ! ... received this from Julie (January 2010) - "I am still working as an Account Manager within the Public Sector team - 12th year now - but will be taking maternity leave at Easter (2010) as I am expecting a baby in April. I am a full time step mum to Rhys who is fast approaching 15!!" (Julie had a lovely baby girl in April 2010, Olivia Anne Few.)

Julie Warren ... Julie was part of the SAP 'training' team in Andover.

June Potton ... June is working for Kingfield Heath selling wholesale stationery and living in Andover.
Justin Fisher ... Message from Justin - "Just had a good look round the Guilbert website,  I think it’s a great site and it’s stirred up many happy memories.  I worked at Guilbert from June 1998 to June 2006 and the changes Office Depot made to the place was so upsetting.  I still live in Andover and I started my own office supplies company back in December 2009." (February 2011)

Karl Wellstead ... Living in Old Basing and working with his brother, running their own business.

Karen Gibson ...
Karen Lindridge ... Message from Karen - "Still living in Andover, when I left Erith I joined a local company, Petty Wood & Co, still there after 10 years". (June 2011)

Karen Olden ... We had the very sad news that Karen passed away after her battle with Cancer at the weekend of 24/25th January 2009.  Best known for her Team Leader role in Credit Control at Andover.  
Karen Turbill ... We hear that Karen, she left O.D. to go to Staples, she has left Staples and is now a lady of leisure looking to start up her own business. (September 2010)

Karen Dyson (Waite) ... Message received from Karen -  "I am still living in Andover and now working for Sweet & Maxwell with a large amount of Ex Guilbert people. Myself and Ian (Dyson) are now living at Anna Valley with my 4 Boys. Website is good lots of memories" Another message from Karen - "Just an update on myself and Ian.  Yes we did get married and it was in Italy, Sorrento to be exact.  We got married on Friday 17th September 2010 and it was beautiful." (October 2010)

Kate Sheppard ... Understand Kate has now retired - still living in Andover - brief message from Kate - "Great job" (September 2010)

Kelly-Anne Combes ... Still living in the Andover area and working in Andover for Thompsons (July 2010)

Kelly Hounslow ... We saw Kelly in Andover recently - October 2009 - she is now working and living in Glasgow with her family.

Kerry Cameron (Timms) ...

Kerry Ford ... Living in the Newbury area   - working for Vodafone

Kerry Natt ... Message from Kerry (thanks K) - "Left in Nov 04 to have our daughter Daisy in the December, just after completing my CIPS course and shortly after OD had taken over, afraid to say I never came back, had Isaac in June 06. Still married to Duncan (still at OD – in New Business), still living in Kings Somborne and still not working (although I’m sure being a full time mum counts as a full time job!!!!)" 
Kevin Hunter
... Message recieved from Kevin (assuming Kevin was based at Andover (February 2010) - "I left Guilbert in the first wave of redundancies on the takeover from Office Depot in 2002. I worked in IT and Purchasing and was the Materials Team Leader. Now working, living and thriving in Bedford, Snr. Business Analyst with Fujifilm UK Limited, my wife is back nursing at our local hospital and my two children are doing well in their schools where I am a Governor in my free time (what's that?). Fond memories of Guilbert flooded back as I explored the website, esp. the photos. Great job bringing this together Chris. Love to all"

Kevin Wilding ... Kevin worked in purchasing - no news as to his whereabouts or what he's doing now.

Kim Flynn ... Transport manager for Office Depot in Andover

Kim Joyner ...

Kirsty Lloyd-West ... Still working for Office Depot - (no other info' at present)

Kylie Roberts (Jordan) - Now living and working in Blackpool with her husband Angus and two children (September 2010)

Laura Brace ... Laura worked in 'Data Management' in Andover.

Laura Howard (nee Foord) ... Living and working in Andover, now married with children

Laura Remnant ... Laura worked in Customer Services in Andover.

Lee Hart ... Message direct from Lee - "Really good to see all those names on the site and know people are doing well and saddened that we have lost some old faces. I am living and working in Suffolk for an energy consultants. Just want to say a big HELLO to everyone."

Lee McRae ...
Lee Noble ... "Lee was customer service team manager, she was in an horrific accident a few years ago and wasn't expected to live; she did but is registered disabled now; her husband Steve used to work in the warehouse and he's now her full time carer....." (Information received August 2011)

Lee Reynolds ... Driving for Office Depot in Andover.

Lesley Greenhaugh ... 

Lesley Marshall ... Lost touch with Lesley - don't know what she doing these days.  She was a sales manager with Pentagon Stationers and with Guilbert.

Lesley Sales ... Working and living in Andover.

Linda Reynolds ...

Linda Steer-Smith ... Working in Tidworth and we believe living in Andover.

Linsey Simmons ... Message from Linsey - "Hi I live in Crawley, West Sussex now with my wife Julie and 2 children (Nathan 9 and Megan 6) I am currently training to become a driving instructor and should be out on the road from June 2009"

Lisa Freeman ... Living in Andover and looking after her two children. Lisa is getting married on Saturday (21st June 2008) - best wishes Lisa !

Lisa Huddleston ... Still living in Andover
Lisa McSwiggan ... Married to Barry Holloway (see Barry's comments)

Lisa Shreeves ... Still living in the Andover area still at OD, Lisa & her partner are expecting their first baby in a few months time (as at April 2010)

Liz Bayliss (nee Eastman) ... Message from Liz - "I'm now married with two children, Olivia is 3 and Hugo is 1. Both my husband and I are now clinical thermographers. We own one of the very few diti scanners and do breast screening after losing my mum to breast cancer.  Our system is early detection unlike mammograms and there is no radiation." (May 2012)
Liz Cull ... Now working for Bioquell in Andover as Service Sales Team Leader (March 2011)

Liz Maile ... Message from Liz - "After leaving Office Depot I went to work with Simon Leggett and John Hickey at the consortium in Trowbridge both guys have again moved on and working in Educational Scientific products in Stockport - I think.  I have 'retired' but work a few hours per week in the British Heart Foundation Furniture store in Andover". (January 2013)

Liz Woods ... We understand that Liz is now working for Lyreco. (January 2011)

Lorraine Collis ... Lorraine is living and was working in Andover for Croydex - not sure if she still is ? (April 2011)

Lorraine Gray ... Last heard of in the Southampton area - rumoured to have got married. Now confirmed by John Davies - "Lorraine Grey married in Southampton in October 2009. I was at the wedding !"
Lorraine Saunders  (married name Gordon-Stables) ... Message from Lorraine - "I lived in Andover and started out in Customer Service, then moved into sales support Based at Horsham for Morag then Pauline. I then moved into full sales in (based in Andover) Mark Stupples team with Mark Maslin, Sue Jones, TJ, Will, I was the small blond  one with glasses!  I moved out to Macau as my husband got a job working on the helicopters and it allowed me to be a lady of leisure for 4 years, I started working about a year ago in real estate and I'm loving it.  Fond memories of Guilbert and then Niceday!  Lorraine" (August 2011)

Lorraine Thomas ... Message recieved from Lorraine (Nov 2009) - "What a brilliant idea to create this site. I read it with fond memories and a tear in my eye as I remember the fantastic time I had working with some amazing people. It was a privilege to be part of a team who really understood what team-work meant & really made things happen. I moved to France 4 years ago to renovate a farm, with that project underway I decided to embark on my next career & now commute regularly to the UK in my role as a head-hunter!!  When in France I share my life with 20 sheep,3 horses,3 cats & long-suffering Robert!!  My best to the whole Guilbert team. Thanks to you for bringing the GREAT memories back."

Louise Smith ... Louise worked in purchasing

Lynn Jones ... Living in Shipton Bellinger and working for Office Depot (someone has to - she's from Birmingham you know ! !)

Lynn Kearley ... Message from Lynn - "I was made redundant on the 18th February 2011 by O.D. after 15 years service and have a temporary job starting on 1st March 2011 at Simply Health" (February 2011)

Lynn Papp ... We understand that Lynn left O.D. around April 2010 and is working in a similar role for another company.

Malcolm Summerfield ... Working for Musgroves in Andover (August 2010)

Mandy Mountain (Tolfrey) ... Message direct from Mandy - "Married with two little girls.. not working. Full time Mum...and housewife! Trying for baby number three......" (March 2010) - Now waiting for baby 3 due early December ! (September 2010)
Marc Massey ... Messgae received from Marc - "I was at Guilbert for 5 years, working with Jan Rollo and the NHS crew. Now working for a finance company for the disabled and I have 2 sons 4 and 6 yrs old, good memories - Love the stories and photos" (September 2010)

Margaret Burson ... As with husband Clive - still living in Andover and holidaying a lot (Info' received via Ray Smith (August 2010)

Mark Collins ... Living in Basingstoke with his other half Carol. Mark worked in the NHS team.

Mark Dargan ... Mark is living and working in Andover.
Mark Davies ... Message from Mark - "Worked for Cartwight Brice that became WHS Business Supplies that became Guilbert.  After the CB days that started for me in 1984 in the Old Kent Road, I moved on to Erith and eventually ended up in Andover leaving in 2002.  I now work for Sodexo (from Jan 2003) as a Key Account Manager in the field Intergrated Facilities Management at Pfizer.  I am still with Jo from the CB days who many will remember, I have two kids, Sam 6 and Lee 15.  It's worth noting that Peter Lale, David Wright and Gavin Pettitt all from Erith are still working with me.  Brilliant site ... so many memories from both the Erith and Andover days" (February 2011)
Mark Kelly ... Now working for Corporate Express (January 2010)

Mark Maslin ... Still working for Office Depot in sales
Mark Rice ... Working for Musgroves in Andover (August 2010)

Mark Stupple ... Still in the industry we understand, working for a small dealer. (February2011)

Mark Wedgebury ... Mark is now working for Corporate Express (January 2010)

Marlene Summerfield ... Working for a caravan company (August 2010)

Martin Bester ... Message received from Martin - "Now semi-retired and living on the sunny Costa Blanca"  (So there was money in NHS print ! ! ! )

Mary Eggleton ...

Mary Markham ... Still living in Andover and we believe working for Office Depot and still supporting London Irish rugby club.

Matt Aldridge ... Believe Matt is working for Lyrico and living in Andover.

Martyn Harris ... Message direct from Martyn - "Hi, I'm alive 'n kicking and working in the kitchen business and loving it." Living in Wales I believe as well - there's lovely.

Mavis Walker ... Retired now and we believe still living in Whitchurch

Melanie Bateman ... Message received from Melanie - "Hi all, I am now officially a 'lady of leisure' or a 'Lady who lunches' Ha!!!! I have 2 children now 7 & 6 I am in regular contact with Elaine Hart & her Grandaughter Brooke is so beautifull I am also in touch with Kerry Cameron (nee Timms). Anyone know how Liz Eastman is doing last I heard she had qualified as a chiropractor !? Also would love to know how Mark Maslin is ??"

Melanie Broadhurst ... Message from Melanie - "Still living in Andover, working in Basingstoke for Barclays Corporate as a Resolution Specialist - Really enjoying my job, although miss the laughs that we had at the DC and majority of the people" (February2011)

Melanie Harvey ...

Michelle Derbyshire ... Living and working in Wales (July 2014)

Michael Camille ... Mike worked in customer services - no further information on Mike.
Michael Hibbert ... Michael, we understand is now retired (November 2010)

Mick Bulow ... Mick worked in Marketing in Andover.

Mick Crean ... Working for a security company.
Mike Anderson ... Message from Mike - "I thought that I should add my name to the list on your website.  Sandhurst 88-90, WH Smith Office Supplies/WH Smith Business Supplies/Guilbert 90-98, Corporate Express 98-2000, Banner 2000-present.  All roles held in Purchasing Administration" (November 2010)

Mick Smith ... Mick has moved to Hertfordshire - no idea what he's up to (August 2010)

Mike Bostick ... Mike is now retired along with Bob Griffiths (October 2009) + we understand he is now living in Worcester (January 2013)
Mike Gray ... Working for Bioquell UK in Andover (March 2011)

Mike Harvey ...

Mike Shutie ... Former Training Manager at Guilbert - Whatever happened to Mike ?

Mike Stitson ... Still with Office Depot in Leicester (someone has to be Mike !)

Morika Ball ...

Nancy Wooley ... Living outside of Andover (working ? ?)

Natalie Cross ... Message from Natalie - "Natalie Cross became Natalie Marshall on a beach in Mexico on 29/02/08.  We have since had 2 daughters, Poppy (3) and Daisy (1).  I am also Stepmother (not wicked!) to Jodi who is 15.  I am currently a Childminder, and living in Barton Stacey village" (September 2012)

Natasha Smith ... Working for Office Depot in delivery support (August 2010)

Natasha Westbury ... Living back in Godalming and working for HP, now on the sales side rather than purchasing.

Neil Patch ... Message received from Neil - "Just found out about your site, excellent. I am at Banner and have been since Jan '05 (I think), still with Jeanette who works for Biffa Waste Mangement Services. Jen is now a Granny (!)"

Neil Saltmarsh ... We believe Neil is still living in Basingstoke and working for an I.T. company in London .... ?

Neil Shingles ... Possibly retired (not sure) but living with his good lady Sue Gould and their family in Ascot

Niall Mellors ... Niall is working for Dela Rue at Basingstoke (January 2010)

Nick Hitchcock-Spencer ... Message received from Nick - "Just spent some time this morning remembering some fantastic people - some still around others sadly not. Thought it was about time I updated my details;  Live in Whitchurch with my wife Kay; Jemma my daughter will be 31 this year and now lives in Leamington Spa; working for National Grid as a commercial analyst. Following my CIM graduation last year (this year I expect to attain full membership [MCIM] as well as Chartered Status); I am now a member of the CIM Solent branch committee; a good place to network in the event of the need to change jobs. Still involved in football as commercial officer for the Sydenhams Football League" (July 2014)

Nick White ... Last we heard of Nick he was working for Oyez-Straker, or Office Team as it's known now.

Nicola Campbell (nee Norman) ... Nicola worked as a sales person for Guilbert - married to Ross Campbell.

Nikki Dake ... Last known information on Nikki, was she was running a health shop in Andover and still living in the area.
Nikki Fisk ... Made redundant from O.D. now living at home with her baby and husband in Andover (April2011)

Nikki Kitcher ... Now Mrs Murray, living with husband Ian in Southampton, working for the Adare Group.

Nikki Roberts ...

Pam Shepherd ... Sadly no longer with us - Pam passed away a number of years ago now.

Patrick Hayles ...

Pat Lewis ... Pat is now a driving instructor and still living in Andover (2009)

Patricia Gill ... Patricia headed up the Business development team at Andover - What happened to Patricia ? Last heard of working and living in the Bristol area (2008)

Paula Baird ... Still working and living in Andover.

Paula Jones (nee Eggleston) ... Living just outside Basingstoke with her husband Paul and working in Basingstoke.

Paul Rice ... Last heard of living and working in Scotland (not confirmed though)

Paul Hardy ... Living in Andover with his 'better' half Sarah (not sure where Paul is working)

Paul Hart ... Last heard of living in Brighton and believed to be running his own company (?)

Paul Muskett ... Believe Paul is still working and living in Andover

Pauline Manley ... Last heard of working for a competitor

Peter Bull ... Peter passed away in October 1998

Phil Benfield ... Working for Corporate Express

Phillipe Blommaers ... As far as we know Phillipe returned to France after the invasion of the Americans !
Phil O'Connell ... Phil is now retired and living in the west country (Somerset we believe) - good pictures of Phil on the site !    Message from Phil - "I took early retirement at the end of January 2008 and I am loving every minute of it. (September 2010)

Pippa Hodgkinson ... We understand Pippa is still living in the Andover area and working.

Posy Andrews (nee Lorimer) ... Now running her o (wn landscape gardening business with her brother and living in Ludgershall with her husband (near Andover) (April 2012)

Rachel Eastwood ... We understand that Rachael left O.D.over 6 years ago, she's now married and has 2 daughters, & last I heard was working part-time in Southampton Hospital (as at April 2010)

Rachel Hargreaves ... Rachel worked as Customer Support in Andover.

Raj Oliver ... Still living and working in Andover.

Ray Peck ... Ray left as CEO of Banner in 2007 - lives part of his time in his house in Miami - and is also working with Tom O'Donnell on a venture ! ! Unconfirmed but we hear that Ray is part of a consortium who bought out Spicers UK (July 2011)

Ray Perry ... Living in Andover with his new wife - Message received from Ray "I would like to thank O.D. for making me redundant I now work in Andover with better management, better job and loads more pay. 

Ray Smith ... Working for the Co-op distribution centre in Andover and living in Longparish  (August 2014)

Rebecca Harrop (now Donohue) ... Message from Rebecca - "Worked at Guilbert Uk (Andover) from 1999-2000 in the marketing team after previously doing a uni placement at Guilbert Ofrex stockport. Now back up north (Altrincham) I am the head of marketing at Carole Nash insurance (Uk and Ireland's leading bike insurance brokers).  What a great idea to set up this page - it really takes me back! (February 2012)

Richard Day ... Last heard of working for a major car company.

Richard Hogarth ... Now living in Great Missenden and running his own Business Consultancy - and he's a Grandad ! (Good stuff Richard !)

Richard Mourant ... Message received from Richard now living in Australia (October 2009) - "Came across the website you have put together, fantastic job, obviously retirement is keeping you busy. Great to see all of those names and what they are up to - I can't beleive the main man O'Connell is missing - what's he doing? The pics are great too - seems all of the Erith photos involve drinking! Well for me, I left in Nov 05 and headed out to Australia with the family. We're living on the sunny Gold Coast which is exactly what you imagine it to be and loving it. I am working for Lyreco over here at the moment, but the offices are a bit further apart so you miss some of the cammoradery that there was there.  Take care and keep up the good work and thanks for helping bring back some great memories.

Richard Pennell ... Message from Richard - "Found your Website last week (June 2009) – a great site and great to look back and see what former Colleagues are doing now. I worked in the Retail & Leisure Team from 2000 until the end of 2005 as Projects Manager before heading for pastures new with a number of Colleagues who felt that the Business was heading frustratingly in the wrong direction. Most of us headed off to Europackaging in Birmingham (UK’s largest Packaging Supplier) and perhaps inevitably met with varying degrees of success. I’m also still at Europackaging  as Head Of Supply Chain, still living south of Manchester"

Ricky Florio ... Living with his wife and two boys in Walton-on-Thames (July 2014)
Rob Gaffney ... Living in Andover and working.

Rob Hailstone ... Formerly a salesman at Guilbert

Rob Targett ... Message received from Rob (January 2010) - "Life certainly does go on....I'm still living in Andover, still in the industry working at Accord (Part of Office 2 Office) in Swindon. Been here 10 years now. Great web site. Rob"

Rod Cole ... Message from Rod - "I worked in the 'old' IT department before the introduction of SAP - the good old days. I'm now living in Brighton and 'still playing with computers' (November 2011)
Roger Bartlett ...

Roger Pope ... Last heard of living and running his own Tea Shop in Marizion in Cornwall.

Ron Belton ... Ron passed away in mid-November (2007) - he lived and worked for Office Depot and previously Guilbert and Pentagon.

Ross Campbell ... Part of the sales teams in Guilbert - married to Nicola (nee Norman)
Rowena Robins ... Message from Rowena - "Hi All - amazing to see so many faces I recognised. Thank god my pic isn't there. Now living in Dubai and working in Abu Dhabi and pleased to say I have NOTHING whatsoever to do with paper clips!" (March 2010)

Roz Webb ... An accountant in Finance

Rupert West ... Message received from Gill Fairbairn regarding Rupert - "My partner Rupert West left Andover sales force in 2003. he’s now working as the Facilities Director at The Living Rainforest in Newbury. . I think this is a great way of keeping up to date with former colleagues."

Russell Curzon ... Former Pentagon salesman - no idea where Russell is these days ?

Ruth Nelson ... Ruth sadly lost her husband but is till living and working in Andover.

Sadie Appleton ... Sadie worked in purchasing for Pentagon and worked for Guilbert in different departments

Sally Jupp ... Message from Sally - "Neil Patch has just told me about the Guilbert site and I have been reading and looking at your wonderful site – Guilbert was a good company with good people !  I left Office Depot in 2009 and am happy to report that I am now living in Devon and working for Banner ( 2009 to date November 2010) and if there is ever a reunion I will be there.

Sam Bird ...

Sandy Matthews (Brown) ... Sandy is living in Devon (Torrington) and running a pub with her husband Justin (see the LINKS section)

Sandra Campopiano ... Was head of H.R. for a short time - we have no news of her since her departure.
Sandra Eyles ... Message received from Sandra (Sandra used pay our salaries / wages ! !) - "Still living in Andover with my Husband and two young children, working in a pre-school". (September 2010)

Sandra Mundy ... Living and working in Andover - former secretary at Andover 

Sarah Morris ... Worked in transport at Andover DC

Sarah Raymond ... Ah ! - Sarah has found the escape hatch, received this message from Sarah direct - "Wanted to update the Gulbert site, left today (23rd May 2008) going to work for Thermo Fisher on the 5th June 2008. Now live in Hook."

Savanna Martin ... Savanna worked as a Team Leader in Customer service and Business development in Andover. She now works part-time for a company in Andover and is also a MUM ! Her and Ben have a lovely little fellow who keeps them busy. (April 2010)

Scott Walker ... Working for the wholesalers, Spicers (January 2010)

Sean McMorrow ... Received this message from Sean - "I worked for Ofrex then Guilbert for 15 years in various locations/roles finally ending up with Andy Parry in the Sap team in Andover . I am now working for Kraft Foods in their SAP team and on assignment in Chicago Illinois . Feel free to add my details to the Andover list if you wish."   Many thanks for the info' Sean !

Shapla Talukdar ...

Sharon Dewey (Fowler) ... Still living and working in Andover..

Sharon Hathaway ... Working for Office Depot as delivery support (August 2010)

Sharron Campbell (Norridge) ... Message from Sharon - "Hi Everybody, I left Guilbert in 2002 to move to Sydney Australia. I then went on to meet my now husband John. John is in the United States Navy so we live in America and currently in North Carolina. I'm fortunate enough not to work but lets face it NOWHERE could compare :-)..working at W.H Smiths, Niceday & Guilbert gave me the best memories ever and also some amazing friends who I keep in contact with today. I look forward to catching up with Ya'll :-)" (November 2014)
Sheena Watson (now Boomer) ... Married to Jamie Boomer - not sure where Sheena is working.
Sheena West ... Still working and living in Andover (September 2010)

Sheila Rees ... Worked in HR in Andover

Sid Seton ... 'Sid the survivor' still with Office Depot in Andover and living in Buckinghamshire (August 2014)

Simon Butler ... Simon worked in purchasing in Andover for Guilbert.

Simon Leggett ... Simon was working for Corporate Express - Simon, left Staples and is now working for the Consortium (September 2010)
Simon Mewes ...

Simon Taplin ... Still working for Office Depot as far as we know (probably digging an escape tunnel as we speak)

Simon Toombes ... Living in Andover, worked in telesales in Andover.

Sonia Bharadwa ... Sonia worked as an external sales person

Sophie Courant ... Last known information on Sophie - she was living in the Southampton area and was now a Mum !  She was a secretary at Andover.

Stephanie Gentle (Smith) ... Still working for Office Depot and living in Andover.

Stephen Stubbs ... Worked in Marketing in Andover and living with his good lady Sue (Lancaster) and their two children.
Stephen Uren ... 

Steve Burton ... Message about Steve received via Neil Patch (2008) - "Saw Steve about a year or so ago when I believe he was going into retirement (some would say he's been retired for many years! ............... but not me.)

Steve Gill ... Message from Steve - "I have now moved out of the sales business and now look after all you good people when you a travelling on the Motorways, I work as Team Manager for the Traffic Officer Service. I live in Perham Down. I am married to Eli and we have a 14 month old daughter"

Steve Jones ... Message received direct from Steve - "I thought I'd add another name to the list: me! I used to work in customer services, then the Commercial dept then with the salesforce under Linda Steer-Smith -  I also produced pricing lists and had a little mini team of Sam Bird and Rachel Hargreaves (it was very nice to see a picture of both of them!) I'm now living in Devon with 2 kids, working for Lloyds TSB as an account manager (boo hiss!) and ordering all my stationery from the little dog company!"
Steve Robins ... Living in Andover with his wife Emily & working as an HGV driver.

Steve Tye ... Still Living and working in Andover.

Stuart Savage ...

Sue Gould ... Understand she has sold her business in Basingstoke to Oyez-Straker and is just working a day or two to oversee the change - living in Ascot with her family (October 2009)

Sue Lancaster ... Back at Office Depot now as Customer Service manager - after having her two children (back for a rest eh Sue ? ?)

Sue Latham ... Worked in Andover as part of the Telesales team

Suzanne Mace ... Was a salesperson at Guilbert, living down the South Coast somewhere.

Suzie Lawton ... Worked in Customer Services

Syd Biesta ... Worked in Customer Services

Sylvia Derbyshire ... Still living in Whitchurch - not known if Sylvia is working !

Tammie Portsmouth ...  Message direct from Tammie - "I am now working for Grahams Plumbers Merchants in Andover but still live in Tidworth"

Terry Clarke ...

Tammy Aldridge (Rusher) ... Still living in Andover and has a nice young family now (July 2014)

Terry Lofts ... Terry is now retired - still living in Andover and taking it easy (July 2014)

Terry Ryder ... Still working for Banner in Basingstoke ? ?

Terry Sleight ...

Tessa Tuffs ...

Tim Johnson ... Tim worked in Transport at Andover - we understand he is now a London Cabbie (February 2011)

Tim Liew ... Tim worked in Marketing in Andover - can be seen on Facebook

Tim Nelson ... Message from Mr Smith - "Tim & Ruth now living in Andover after their Greek expedition"

Tina Poyser ... Living and working in Andover, worked as a secretary at Andover.

Tom Barriball ... Tom sadly passed away recently - he was a driver and warehouseman at Andover & Basingstoke (May 2015)
Tom Williams ... Tom worked both in internal and external sales

Toni Fruen ... We heard that Toni left O.D. quite a few years ago, I last heard she is living in Littlehampton (as at April 2010)

Tony Barnett ... Still living in the Andover area - don't have any further info' on Tony.

Tony Ellingworth ... Tony is working as a private car hire person with his own motor (posh clients only need apply !)

Tony Hale ...
Tony Pickering ... Message from Tony - "I have taken the opportunity to take early retirement after 10 years with Coca-Cola in the West coast of Ireland looking after their automated warehouse and plan to remain in Ireland". (March 2011)

Tony Ward ... Message from Tony - "I worked in the New Business Team (Nick White's Team) for 8 years. I am now working as a Business Development Manager at Nectere. I am sure many people have said it but if Guilbert was still going, I would still be there". (April 2015)

Tracey Burt ...

Tracey-Jane Phippen ... 'TJ' left OD in Nov 2009 and went travelling, firstly to Australia we believe ...... Seen in Andover back from her jaunts - welcome back TJ - where to next ? ! (September 2010)

Tracey Nutley ...

Tracey Jenkinson (Sharpe) ... Received this message from Tracey - "Came across this - gosh brought back some memories.  I have been living and working in Bermuda since 2010 - it's fantastic here - hot or warm all year round ! Would love to see the not just a paper clip video if anyone has a copy they could post !   Great site"  (September 2014)

Tracy Young ... Living in Andover, working with Terry Rider at Banner in Basingstoke !

Trevina White (Denny) ... Got married in August 2007 and STILL working for Office Depot and Trevina says "I have now completed 10 years service and still working in Credit Control in Andover" (March 2010) .. Additional information from Trevina - I have just given birth to a boy Charles William (Charlie) born Sunday 28th November weighing 7lb 9oz.  On maternity leave at present but will be going back to Office Depot ! ! (December 2010) and further information from Trevina . . . . "After my maternity leave I went back to Office Depot and have just completed 14 years.  Still working in Credit Control Andover (what's left of it!)" (May 2013)

Val Leet ... Val worked in Customer Services

Vicky Harper ... The Aussie lady who worked at Andover in various departments - was living with Andy McDougal

Victoria Fenwick ...
Vildan Record ... Worked in Customer Service and DMS
Wade Hatton ... Message from Wade (Aug 09) - "What a nice site, I started in Arkle Northampton then Guilbert Ofrex in Stockport and lastly Guilbert UK in Andover, all of 10 years and met some great people along the way. Moved to a small estuary village in SW Pembrokeshire in 2000. Now do lots of agility training ( dogs not me) and mowing the lawn, its very hard work lol. Best Regards everyone"

Wayne Boyt ... We hear Wayne got married in August 2008 - not sure where he is working since the closure of the D.C.

William Eastbury ... Message direct from William -  "I was there at Andover on the SAP team, then for Network Services.  I am now living in Droitwich Spa, and working for Accantia in solihull."

Will Shahinian ... Will has now done 10 years - service that is not prison - or is that the same at Office Depot / Guilbert (2009)

Yves Delahouse ... Former Chief Executive of Guilbert - returned to his native France we believe.

Yvonne Hales ... Message received from Yvonne (26th June 08) - "Hi All, Both myself & Pat still working for Office Depot, now based in the new Leicester DC. So many names & so many memories. Still come back to Andover regularly so may see a few of you around"

Zoe Boothroyd ... Living in Fordingbrige, working at Banner Basingstoke

Zoe Wells ... Message from Zoe - "I love the website and to my surprise I noticed my name up there !. This is my update: I now live in Dublin and engaged to Ciaran, we have two gorgeous daughters aged 4 and 2. I've changed careers completing since my Team Leader days in Data Management with Mr Cooper. I moved in to the Social Care sector,  working as a Social Care Worker with children in care. I'm currently in a special unit for Teenage Mothers and their babies." - More interesting than pens, pencils and rulers eh Zoe ? ?




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