Dog7Leeds & Stockport (DC & Offices)

Look for your name or your colleagues names - if they are missing then please let us know and we'll include them ! Also what are you doing now and what town you're living in.

Many thanks your help will be much appreciated




Alan Siviter ... Alan has sadly passed away.


Andy Parker ... Message from Andy - "Ex Stockport then Leeds – found the escape hatch – Still alive, now working Manchester for a Major importers in Manchester  – 151 Products Ltd"


Andy Renshaw ...


Angus Walker ... Worked in New Business then went to Dublin to run the Irish team then left to go back to the UK. We have found out from Ian Park that Angus Walker is Sales Director of Initial Integrated services. (February 2011)


Anna Palermo ... Former sales lady at Guilbert.


Ann Fitzpatrick ... Ann has left O.D. but we aren't aware of what she is doing now (February 2011)


Barbara Henderson ... Last hear of working for Corporate Express


Barry Carter ...


Carolyn Chandler ...


Carol Slinger ...


Catherine Durrans ... Still living and working in the Leeds area (We hope that's right Catherine !)


Craig Smith ...


Daniel Ayres ... Now working for Pentel Stationery 


Danielle Pigram ... Message from Danielle - "Hello all, I left Stockport back in 2001 at the ripe age of 21, I am now much older and living in Denton with my fiance, I work for the Co-op E-store online as a customer service duty manager, I love it but will nnever forget the wonderful guilbert days, and of course coming 2nd in the rowing task at the last conference, I still have my award to prove it haha. Hope to hear from anyone soon Love Dannii x x"  


David Pittman ... Semi retired we hear !


Debbie Slater ... Debbie was working for Arc international - but sadly we 'hear' that Debbie passed away - we believe in 2008 ?

Diane Bagworth… Information from Tony Cole - "Diane trekked up and down the M1 everyday from Pennistone, Petite blond  always immaculate and a lovely person  ended up being called Lady Bagworth due to her striking resemblance to Lady Penelope out of Thunderbirds" (Aporil 2012)

Diane Park ... Diane is a PA for senior directors in the Lloyds Banking Group and a local councillor. She also stood as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate in the last election. (Info from Husband Ian - see his slot as well) (February 2011)


Fiona Stockdale ...


Frazier McGilvery … Information received from Tony Cole - "Frazier lived in Harrogate, ex journalist (I think) and one of the funniest guys I have ever met; very dry very intelligent and a Rebel. he was Jeremy Clarkson with Class  and with a similar stature". (April 2012)

Gail Looker-Williams ...  Message from Gail - "My name was Gail Looker when I worked at Ofrex Stockport. I worked there for 17 years, also spending 6 months in Andover for the change over.....I started in the staff canteen and ended my employment in the Credit Control dept.  Due to health problems I am now retired. I still have my Rhodesian Ridgebacks(dogs) but I'm now more involved in pedigree cat breeding & showing, where I occasionally see Suzanne Pomfritt, Roy Cowan's pa. I still see Karen Bardsley. I now am Married to Stuart Williams and moved at the end of 2000 to Halesowen in the West Midlands. I'm still in contact with a few of my old friends from those days who are not on this list, so will let them know about it.   Keep up the good work & will keep looking back for updates....." (February 2012)


Geoff Bennett ... Message from Geoff - "Great website Chris.Running own recruitment business:" (Want a job ? ?)

Gill Phillips ... "Started my professional career with Ofrex/Guilbert-Ofrex/Guilbert-Niceday at the Stockport Office for 4.5 years after Uni, never looked back"

Hamish Malarky ... Last heard of working for Boots in Bradford (info' from Phil Bateman - see Phil's profile)


Hance McGhie ... Received this message from Hance - "Just been given details of your website, bloody brilliant, it has made my train journey from London to Newcastle more pleasurable!!!!  I must say I have many fond memories of Guilbert and still keep in touch with many of the old crew. How about a mass reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Fancy organising it Hance ???????????


Harry Cooper ...


Helen Suggitt ...  Message direct from Helen - "l was made redundant from Europackaging in June 2009 and am still looking for that right job to come along, l enjoy helping out at Rhinestones which is the Leeds Rhinos Junior Dance Academy where my daughter Hannah dances, they also perform there dances on Pitch at Headingley, and l go watch my son Lewis play for his Team Bramley Phoenix, If anyone knows of any jobs going get them to email me,  ha ha  take care love  helen xxx" (August 2010)


Ian Little ... Ian sadly passed away week commencing 17th March 2008


Ian Marr ... 


Ian Park ... Message from Ian - "I’m Global Logistics Manager for Systagenix – a global medical devices business based on the edge of the Dales with operations in 120 countries. Previous to that I was Logistics Director for Ben Sherman (A job I passed on to Mr Alan Higgins when I left!), then Supply Chain Director of the M&S division of Hallmark cards then we ran our own business for a while." (February 2011)


Ian Wilkins ... 


Jackie Greenwood ... 


Janice Wheatley ... Message received from Janice - "I started at Guilbert as a temp for 6 weeks in the transport office and ended up being there for 61/2 years the last 4 as a customer service assistant, I loved it and the people. I now have a fantastic job as reception/admin, support group leader and run a monthly workshop so if any one would like to support us as their charity or give a donation that would be great we could do with Andy R. to redo our website! GASPED stands for Greater Awareness and Support for Parents Encountering Drugs"


Jane Quick ... (See Jane's detail under her daughter's profile - Mickala Gill, below)


Jane Sewell ... Working in a primary school in Calverley Leeds. Both Jane and Peter are happy to escape Office Depot and are still happily married.  (Met at Cartwright Brice in 1993)


Jason Llewellyn ... Worked in external sales.


Jeanette Anderson (now Williamson) ... Now married with two children, left Europackaging February 2008 and is also (we think) working at Corporate Express


Jeanne Alker ... We hear Jeanne was enjoying retirement in Scotland - and we think Jean Alker has now moved south of the border and now resides in Sunny Southport. (April 2012)


Jill Quinn ... 


John Byrne ...


John Wood ...  Message from John - "I left Guilbert in 1999 and since then have been at Lanes Group Plc (formerley Lanes for Drains)  I am the Credit Control Manager    Married to Angela with 11yr old boy called Declan who has Aspergers Syndrome"


John Yeo ... Still working at Europackaging where he is Sales Manager (@ June 2009)


Jon Ellis ... Left Europackaging in December 2007 and as far as we are aware he is working at Corporate Express. (Jon came through the ranks at WHSmith as a Branch Manager, then worked for them during the takeover of Pentagon as a new business manager (internal) at Basingstoke then onto sales and up to Leeds etc)


Judith Green ... Working for Oyez-Straker (September 2010)


Justin Walker ... Message recievded from Justin - "I worked at Office Depot in Leeds for 5 years from 2001 to when it closed. I'm now working at Hallmark Cards in Bradford am married and my wife is expecting our son in July"


Karen Farrell ...

Kathryn Howarth ... 


Kathryn Tate ...


Kevin O'Rourke ...


Kirsten Hunter ... Message from Kirsten - "Hi, great website and so lovely to see what people are up to! My update is that I'm a full time mum of 3 and live in North Yorkshire. I just want to add that I have never ever worked anywhere as wonderful as Guilbert! I miss the people so much. It was fab !" (September 2010)


Leila Clark ... Message from Leila - "I used to work in Leeds I've now moved to Andover and after returning to O.D. for 3 months escaped and I'm enjoying looking after the kids"


Lester Pinkerton ... Left the company in December 2007 (O.D.) - anyone know his whereabouts ?


Lisa Appleyard ...


Lisa North ... 


Lynn Page ... Now working for Towney Office Supplies.


Margaret  ??? … Details from Tony Cole – “Margaret, don't know her surname, worked with Diane in Special Buys another Lovely person  Margaret and her Husband were into sailing and use to spend their summer Holidays sail peoples boats from one Greek Island to another …. Nice work if you can get it !” (April 2012)


Margaret Slater ...

Marleen Sykes ... Working for 'Office Team' in their Leeds depot (September 2010)


Martin Armitage … Details from Tony Cole - "Another buyer Big Leeds United Fan Like myself and we went to the big European nights in the Champions League before the club Financially Imploded. Last time I spoke to him he was a self employed courier living out towards Denby Dale (Huddersfield way) with his son Harrison and new partner". (April 2012) 

Maureen Neal (nee Murphy) ... Message received from Maureen - "Joined under WH Smiths in 1995 left Guilbert 2004, moved to Donegal Ireland and now owner of contract cleaning company (Shine). Business and life going great. Two wonderful kids and Husband all now settled here in Ireland. Still miss the Guilbert days badly and all the gang back in Leeds, but have very happy memories, love to all who knew me xxxx" (as at April 2010)


Michael Eyre ... "No longer with OD, have moved to another industry after spending 24 years in Office Products. I will rummage through old photo's and see if there is anything worth displaying"  We are waiting Michael ! ! !


Michael Gardner ... Michael was divisional director at Leeds.


Mickala Gill ... Message direct from Mickala - "I worked at Guilbert/Office depot in Leeds from 2001 (until it closed down) as a Customer Service Executive.  I hope I'm not that easy to forget, ha ha!  I am Jane Quick's daughter and both me and my Mum are doing great!  The website is a great idea and it's nice to see so many people keeping it up to date, keep it up!! ...... Another message from Mickala (September 2010) - "Just an update from me, I'm now working in sales for a machinery manufacturer (still in Leeds) and now have a little girl too, Tia who is 12 weeks old. My little boy Marcus is nearly 5 now and just started school. I'm happy and enjoying life with my babies"


Mike ???? … Details from Tony Cole – “Another Print Buyer I think Mike, don't know his surname, had a stroke whilst working for Guilbert and never really recovered he wasn’t that old at the time maybe mid 30’s” (April 2012)


Nazish Ansar ... Mesage from Nazish "I was with Guilbert/Office Depot for 4 years.  I am now working for O’Rourke Reid Law Firm in Leeds town and also teach A Level Law. I'm also at Uni studying for an LLB Law degree and graduate in July 2010…Hopefully!  Love what I am doing now but do miss my days at Guilbert/OD"

Nici Routledge ...


Nicky Agar (Heys) ... Message from Nicky - "Andrew Rana is right - Ofrex days were the best!!!!!!! My fondest memory has to be staying up all night at the conference in Italy and having breakfast outside. It was January and bloody freezing on the edge of that lake! Rod Stevens (bless him) was trying to get us cushions for the cold metal chairs by using his version of Italian - English with a strange accent. Happy Days!!"


Pam Wagstaff ... "I joined Guilbert Uk September 1999 and had many a good time.  Made loads of friends. I now work with Judith Green at Oyezstraker in Leeds" (September 2010)


Paul Aykroyd ... Former salesman.


Paul Collins ... Message received direct from Paul - "I was a Specials Buyer in the Leeds office, from September 1998 to July 2000 (my first job Post-University).  I now work in Sales for Beiersdorf UK – better known for brands such as Nivea & Elastoplast.  Still living in Leeds & nothing but good memories from my time at Guilbert!!!

Pete Sewell ... Working as Regional Transport Manager at a Pharmaceutical's company in Leeds

Phil Bateman ... Message received direct from Phil (October 2009) - "Just been given this website, amazing, it is great to read the reviews, view the photo's - I worked for, what was WH Smith Business Supplies that went on to become Guilbert, in my time, I worked in Leeds, Stockport, back to Leeds, then became a regional manager for OD, it was not the same under the new management as it was with Guilbert, I now work for Boots the Chemist in the logistics area, specifically looking after a 3PL that distribute all the Boots on lines orders, I travel between Leeds and Birmingham on a weekly basis, not ideal, but it pays the bills, I started for Boots as a site manager in Bradford, where I employed a gentleman by the name of Hamish Malarky, Hamish was well known throughout Guilbert, especially around the Stockport / Leeds sites - Keep up the great work, I will pass this on" 
Rachel Lenihan ... Message from Rachel - "What a good idea this is!!!!  I am living in Doncaster with my Fiance Mike and 2 dogs, 2 cats and a budgie! 

Rachel Marvier (Ferguson) ... Message from Rachel - "I worked at Guilbert in Leeds from Jan 2002 until the closure in 2006. I then moved over to the Manchester office for a further 6 months. When I joined Guilbert I was Rachel Ferguson and I got married in November 2006. I joined Guilbert as a Customer Service Rep and left as a Learning & Development coach. I am currently working for EMIS (a medical software company) as a training executive. I am currently living in Sharlston Common, Wakefield. It is great to see what people are up to now."


Rachel Petrou (Walker - She married Angus) ...


Rebecca Chandler ... "I'm still here!  Working in Richard Heath's team now - that's an experience, I can tell you!   working with Lisa North, Ian Wilkins and the crew.  Started life in 2002 in Nicky McNeil's team.  Great idea - your website and I will be looking at it regularly"


Richard Crook   Message details from Tony Cole - "Alias big and Daft, 6’4”, Blond, Muscular handsome and me and Martin Armitage hated him I don’t know why all the girls loved him but we think he must have banged his head too many times on the door jamb because he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer ….. In hindsight he might have been a bit naïve. (April 2012)


Richard Heath ... Former regional sales manager.


Roy Cowan ... Top man at Ofrex before the Guilbert take over - sadly Roy passed away on 6th July 2014


Sally Ball ... Message received from Sally - "Sally Ball reporting in from Leeds office - still there - just, by the skin of it's teeth. Only people still there from the 'good old days' - who'd have thought we'd say that when Bart was weeing his path of mass destruction around the country - Sue Briggs (now Goodwin), Sue McCartney, Rachel Lenihan, Anne Fitzpatrick ... actually, there are more than I thought - I could carry on!! There's only a transport hub left there now.. and the odd (very odd) salesperson, but I keep the faith and try to encourage any passers by to pop in and say hello.    Would be lovely to hear from people


Sean McMorrow ... Message received from Sean (He also has a spot on the Andover page) - "I was depot manager in Stockport for 8 years and also spent a lot of time in Leeds during the SAP implementation where I met the likes of Phil Bateman among others. If you would be as good as to add my details to that list also I would be grateful. Even though I have left Guilbert this 6 years, it was still my life major employer and I had some good times there as well of course some pretty tough times. Having been to and worked in most of the sites in both the UK and Ireland I recognize many of the names and it would be nice to fill in the gaps. Keep up the good work"


Shona Masi (nee Morris) ... Living and working in Australia - Message from Shona - "Just been looking through the website, its really brings back good memories. I am living in Australia, married and love my job, working for a gas company along way from stationery." (March 2010) Additional info' from Shona - "The website looks great, keep up the good work - Oh p.s I am expecting twins in february 2011, so I think I will be kept very busy ! (September 2010)


Stan Roberts ... Whats' Stan up to - anyone know?


Stefano Paoletti ... Message from Stef - "Still at OD, but off on a 3 month (as at 5th April 2008) sabbatical of sorts, travelling around the world. I leave on 14th and can't wait to have a break from stationery!  The site, brought back some memories and I'd completely forgotten some of the names. Keep up the good work with it!"


Steve Bright ... Former salesman.


Steven Guest ... Now works for Bemrose Booth in Derby.


Steven Troth …. Message from Tony Cole - "Print Buyer again a great character was big friends with Frazier Mc Gilvery and Tony Wrench" (April 2012)


Stuart Hobson ... Had an email from Stuart - "Just for the record I am now with OfficeTeam interiors who are the furniture division of OyezStraker - been here two years now and all's well except I'm always looking for the golden opportunity - aren't we all.  I've just been to Killimanjaro with Jamie Boomer - well October (2008) before Comic Relief - and decided that this should be the last and that I need to act my age not my shoe size in future. Not really in touch with too many people - always intend too but life seems to be busy although I speak with Bob Griffiths and Warren Lettley fairly often and see Jamie a fair bit."


Sue Artus ... We believe is working for Arc International (September 2010)


Sue Goodwin (Briggs) ... 


Sue Bryson ... Still living in Newcaste and working in sales in another industry


Sue McArtney ... 


Susan Morris ... Message from Susan - "I left Guilbert UK in 2003 to live in Perth (down under Australia) I now work for Westpac as a Team Leader in General Insurance , I'm divorced and have my own house, car and loving life"


Tanya Rylance ... Worked in customer service in Leeds.


Tony Cole ... Message recieved from Tony - "I worked in print from 1997 until May 2002 firstly for the late (Great) Ian Little and Jean Alker it was a great place to work and it was the best place I ever worked great colleagues, staff training, etc it did pale a little when all the job cuts and restructuring etc happened not once but twice I managed to dodge the bullet the first time but wasn’t so lucky the second time when stock control / Buying was moved to Andover in May 2002". (April 2012)


Tony WrenchMessage from Tony Cole - "Tony was local (Beeston Area) and was the foil for most Frazier’s (McGilvery's) quips the total opposite to Frazier, small of stature and quite but I think they loved each other (in a Manly sort of way)"

Trevor Weldon ... Message from Tevor - "Hello Chris! - Fine website indeed, Being in a fantastic organisation like Guilbert and being bought by Office Depot was bad enough but to then be bought by Banner when I had joined the Board at AcessPlus was just ridiculous! Couldn't bear to stay so I accepted a role to head up the Public Sector Channel for Paragon Europe (£180m turnover and 1,200 employees) Would be nice to catch up, Speak soon, Trevor (PS - I now look like an old Alan Curbishley!)


Vicki Roberts ... Vicky has sadly passed away 

Wade Hatton ... Message from Wade (Aug 09) - "What a nice site, I started in Arkle Northampton then Guilbert Ofrex in Stockport and lastly Guilbert UK in Andover, all of 10 years and met some great people along the way. Moved to a small estuary village in SW Pembrokeshire in 2000. Now do lots of agility training ( dogs not me) and mowing the lawn, its very hard work lol. Best Regards everyone"


Wendy Cope ... 


Wendy Parkin ...


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